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Life is Xbox reviews Submerged, calls it a water catastrophe.

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freshslicepizza931d ago

from the article,

"While playing for 10-15 minutes you kinda know what’s coming next for 3-4 hours… a boring game that could have been so much better."

then in the final synopsis it says this in the negative column,

"$20 for a very short game (1-2 hours, 4-5 with collectibles)"

that's not very good but i usually take my time in games.

DaeJim931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

Hi, thanks for reading.

Even if you take your time its still very short. You could theoretically spend your time looking at the sunset and water for a few minutes but that's about it.

Thing is, you always do the same (boring) thing. It's a shame really, kinda angry at the developers for messing this game up.