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"The Swindle is a fast-paced steampunk stealth platformer by Size Five Games – a unique little indie gem trying to spin many plates at once, but only managing to keep a few of them from falling over.

It’s a stealth game and a 2D platformer; an action game with RPG character customisation mechanics, and a rogue-like with randomly generated maps. Set in a steampunk Victorian England, a gang of thieves has 100 days to infiltrate a government facility and stop the creation of a mass Orwellian surveillance device. On the way there the player must break into various randomly generated homes across five levels of increasing difficulty, hack their computers, steal their money, and get back to base without dying or (hopefully) triggering an alarm. The Swindle is an ambitious venture and undoubtedly a unique premise; you’d be curious to find out how Size Five Games pulls it off and disappointingly it’s to various successes and failures." - GameSpew

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