New Doom Multiplayer Footage Leaks Online

SegmentNext - Some new off-screen footage from the newly announced Doom has been leaked and we have the video for you right here. The footage shows the multiplayer portion of the game, excuse the quality.

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DoomeDx1109d ago

Come on dude.. Autofocus.

scark921109d ago

Just saying. I despise Esports commentators. I say it everytime.

Ace Killa 081108d ago

2015 and we still have blurry leaked footage....

spicelicka1108d ago

Well potatoes still exist so what's your point?

Ace Killa 081108d ago

Do potatoes own majority of the mobile market? Hell even a $50 dollar camera could record better.

KingPin1108d ago

maybe the footage isnt blurry but the game actually looks that bad.

Perjoss1108d ago

Beggars cannot be choosers

LightofDarkness1108d ago

Looks pretty much like I expected it would.

However, Pete Hines basically confirmed that all the multiplayer maps will be indoor, base style arenas. Because they're integrating it heavily with SnapMap and Bethesda's online interface, only things created within the editor will be available as extra maps, and Pete confirmed that the outdoor stuff isn't able to be created in there.

I find it galling that the reboot of the game that truly popularized modding and user generated content has no real mod support, just this watered down "create-a-base" generic map factory. Pete also confirmed that there are no plans to enable further mod support for the game, á la Fallout 4 (which comes with a full mod suite at launch). Dick move, Bethesda. And since when do Beth have so much say about what goes on at id? I though they were to remain autonomous, despite the sale. Quakecon was basically "Bethesdacon," or "Falloutcon."

TWB1108d ago

Looks a bit more quakeish with more crammed corridors and people and slower gameplay.

Which I have no problems with.

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