Street Fighter II Headed to Virtual Console?

Hudson Entertainment and Sega have strongly supported Nintendo's Virtual Console since the beginning, but other third parties have remained suspiciously quiet. That may be changing; the Entertainment Software Ratings Board says they've recently rated Street Fighter II: The World Warrior for Wii. Somehow we doubt Capcom's releasing a single-game Wii compilation.

There are a number of Virtual Console destined releases in the ESRB's database -- Kirby's Adventure, Kid Icarus, PilotWings and Punch-Out are just a few examples -- so just because Capcom's filed for a rating doesn't mean it's coming, say, next Monday. It does suggest that Capcom is finally onboard, but the company hasn't responded to 1UP's requests for comment.

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PS360WII4386d ago

This would be a game that would be deffinatly downloaded alot of times

commadore654386d ago

wasn't that the first one they released on the snes?. I dunno what the arcade version was like as i only ever played champ ed.. but i remember the snes one being ridiculously slow.

personally I would be up for hyper fighting or championship ed.