Computer Game Sales hit $9.7 Billion in China

Sales of computer games in China hit 60.5 billion yuan ($9.7 billion) during the first half of 2015

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GreetingsfromCanada1110d ago

"About 44 percent of the sales were software products bought by consumers for terminals, while 34.6 percent were mobile games. Web games accounted for 17 percent of the market while social media games had a 4.2 percent share. Single-player games accounted for 0.1 percent." The future if the casuals get their way.

FallenAngel19841110d ago

Its a wonder if the software restrictions would allow consoles and handhelds to get a major part of that marketshare in China.

Sonyslave31109d ago

China love their MMo and mobile games not sure if MS and sony even going to make a dent in the Chinese market.

Bolts1109d ago

Good luck breaking into a market that is obsessed with MMOs, MOBAs and F2P shooters. The Chinese couldn't give a damn about AAA games like Halo and Uncharted. This problem is further compounded by governments push to cultivate home grown gaming IPs and their brutal censorship.

Maxor1109d ago

Sony and MS are crazy if they think their console and over priced AAA games are going to find traction in China. Lets think this through, you want a Chinese gamer to pay $400 for a PS4 and $60 for Bloodborne, The Witcher 3 and Batman? Hear that sound? Thats the sound of a billion Chinese gamers saying "HELL NO!!"