Rare Replay available now on Xbox One

Neil writes "We’re not sure there has ever been a compilation of games that has attracted such interest as the Rare Replay collection has. Well wait no more for it’s now time to help Rare celebrate 30 years of awesome games!"

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shadowT1113d ago

Did the new patch fixed the frame rate issues?

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LifeInNZ1113d ago

Easily one of the best game compilations ever put together. Brings back so many memories and its been a real blast seeing my kids enjoy the games as well.

grumpygamr1113d ago

Can't wait to get my copy.

grumpygamr1112d ago

Ok got it. Me like so far. Long install. I freaken love external harddrive support. Sony get on that already.

Clown_Syndr0me1113d ago

Best get up then and go get it!

Toiletsteak1113d ago

I really want this game now but I also really want the blue Forza console, I could go out today and get this or wait until September 18th.

blady_man1113d ago

Picture this now, if you go out and get it today u can get an extra month of gaming!! I think thats better than wait for a special edition which basicly means a paint job!!! ;)

shadowT1113d ago

I think the key question is, if Rare did fixed the frame rate issues with the latest patch or not.