The hype and the mystery of Gearbox’s Battleborn [Pixel Dynamo]

Pixel Dynamo got a chance to talk to Melissa Miller, director of product development at Battleborn’s publisher 2K Games, and discusses why the upcoming shooter defies simple categorisation.

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phoenixwake996d ago

"1st-person MOBA" is pretty accurate from what I've seen. I'd say that this game has actually been fairly underexposed for what it represents - the next big AAA game from Gearbox.

I just think its a little too oddball, with a few too many games coming out with a similar name (Battlefront, Battlefield, Battlecry, Battlezone, etc.) and a little past the prime of DOTA/LOL clones. The combat is going to be a little awkward for 1st person shooter fans since the game is based around the damage-spongey mechanics of a DOTA game, and DOTA/LOL players are going to feel really out of place because of the camera and control scheme.

I hope it does well, but I have a feeling it might just be a little too weird and a not quite revolutionary enough to be crazy successful past its initial hype purchase phase.

fOrlOnhOpe57996d ago

Be interested to try it out but personally, I'm waiting on Borderlands 3.