Mad Max Stronghold trailer gives glimpse at locations and new characters

New trailer for Mad Max takes a look at strongholds and characters.

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Games4ever933d ago

Don't think this game looks that great.

tcharger933d ago

How this game doesn't have more hype is beyond me

rdgneoz3932d ago

Because it releases the same day as MGS5, and they did more advertising for the movie (which was good, though not a true Mad Max movie) than they have for the game. Pretty much this years Shadow of Mordor. A good solid game, though it probably won't be winning game of the year.

kratoz1209933d ago

Hoping this is like shadow of mordor.

Omnisonne933d ago

Kind of sucks it's releasing at the same time as MGSV though.
Im slightly leaning towards MGS being a more well-rounded game.. but honestly, I think i'll just get both and see whatever catches my interest first:D