Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Publisher Sale Details – 4th-10th August 2015

Neil writes "Gamescom 2015 may be kicking off but that doesn't mean the weekly Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale needs to suffer. Check out all the deals available on Xbox One and Xbox 360 between 4th-10th August 2015 right here!"

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SharnOfTheDEAD1148d ago

Bloody hell.... 4 of those games are free on EA Access. In the last few weeks these Deals with Gold have been utter shite.

Rebel_Scum1148d ago

lol, I agreed your comment before I even saw the deals. It did not disappoint my inkling at all.

Fifa 15 I'd like to get but I'll be dammed if its anything less than $50 where I'm from.

Askanison41148d ago

You can get FIFA 15 for the price of EA Access. That's how I got it.

These deals are total crap though.

oKidUKo1148d ago

EA Access saves far more money than these supposed deals. A real shame as I was looking forward to finding a real deal.

WitWolfy1148d ago

These deals never could compete with what PSN has to offer... I wonder why?

BillytheBarbarian1148d ago

Yucky deals.

With EA access, do you lose your games once you stop your subscription or do you keep what you downloaded?