Wall-E a Sales Straggler

Disney Pixar's Wall-E drummed up box office success and big critical acclaim, but the THQ-published game has been struggling at retail.

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pixelsword3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

... all the way back to the Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street games for the original Nintendo.

...Look up angry videogame Nerd's commentary on the games on youtube.

Back to the future

Nightmare on Elm Street

Friday the 13th

and probably more. When I see a movie-based game and THQ, I run. Fast.

RadientFlux3672d ago

good, maybe it show THQ that they should either spend more time on the title or pay to have more people work on movie-based games

maggotmx3672d ago

yeah no sh*t man the version of the demo i DLed didnt even had sound in game haha it was weird, menu sound effects and cutscenes worked just not in game O.o

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3672d ago

the demo was absolute garbage

Majors3672d ago

I'm not suprised its not selling coz its crap.. as with all other movie based games. Infact i cant name a single movie based game that is actually any good. They seem to bash out games to cash in on the big films and people are just not falling for it no more.

Smacktard3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Uh... Goldeneye? Also, the King Kong game was pretty awesome. The LotR games were also pretty good, although short. And apparently Kung Fu Panda was a good children's game.

But those are only a few gems amongst a pit of trash. Most movie based games suck, because nobody dares to be creative with them, or spend time actually working on them. They just try to get them out as fast as possible in the hopes that people will eat it up. I'm GLAD the Wall-E game is doing worse than expected. Hopefully it'll send them a signal.

LPpatriot453672d ago

...Escape from Butcher Bay is a HUGE exception....

Otherwise tho, your right. These companies should start taking their videogame counterparts seriously if they really want to make bank.

kapedkrusader3672d ago

...why games made in a hurry with very little money invested cost the same $60 as a game like MGS4 that cost millions more and accrued much more hours of work...this goes for all three consoles.

Drekken3672d ago

Money hungry companies. Not that there has been a good game movie release along side with its movie release, but Beowulf was like $20 when it came out.

Ron Zook3672d ago

Ron Zook played the demo of this game and it was the biggest sack of crap ever to grace Ron Zooks PS3.

1) PS1 graphics
2) Terrible gameplay
3) Incredibly stupid gameplay (find vending machine part, throw cubes at crap, repeat)
4) Awful awful sound. Worse than SNES sound

Overall if Ron Zook ever saw this game on the shelves of any store Ron Zook goes to, Ron Zook would immedeatly throw it on the ground and piss on it. Ron Zook thinks you should too, to stop ALL THESE BAD MOVIE GAMES!

Covenant3672d ago

Bob Dole would like his third person mode of speech back. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.