Gamescom 2015: Should Sony Be Afraid Of Microsoft?

Today on Pashcast Episode #6 (Speedrun 1), Pashford theorizes that Microsoft may have some tricks up their sleeve for Gamecom that should have Sony worried.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

I'm very happy to see what Microsoft's got coming but we really need to stop with these flamebait articles.

Sureshot866d ago

Read my mind. They ain't getting my clicks

FlexLuger866d ago

Agreed. And its common sense sony should expect its rivals to have products of their own. Thats how the console business works.

UltraNova866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

Actually this is exactly how the console business should be. Every time one ups the other, the latter should respond in a similar fashion, driving prices down and service quality up which ultimately benefit us, the gamers.

So I say bring it on MS!

Automatic79866d ago

@The infected well said. These articles are and have been getting ridiculous.

hades07866d ago

@ The_Infected

Bubble up for you and well said, its nice to see someone who isnt an argumentative fanboy on here.

PS is outselling xbox and made this generation very competitive which is better for consumers.

OB1Biker866d ago

Well said. Ive seen a few interesting submissions not being approved but 'contributors' prefer focusing on fanboy wars.

RocketScienceLvlStuf866d ago

They shouldn't be afraid. Sony have the largest presence there.

LordMaim866d ago

The rule of thumb is, if the article's title is a question, it's probably clickbait.

3-4-5866d ago

* It's always the articles with the obvious dumb question that send off a huge RED FLAG....

This is middle school level "journalism" at best.

Microsoft & Sony & even Nintendo are all doing fine.

It's great they all have their own plans and ideas.

This gen would be boring if everything was the same.

Picnic865d ago (Edited 865d ago )

By your logic an article titled 'Should Pepsico be afraid of The Coca Cola Company's new beverage?' would be purely flamebait rather than the reasonable economic and cultural question that it would be.

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scark92866d ago

Hopefully! Competition is good!

freshslicepizza866d ago

sony won't be afraid. they will however be paying very close attention to see what they have to show.

FallenAngel1984866d ago (Edited 866d ago )

Sony has nothing to worry about since they have a stranglehold on the European market. Every past PS console has become the best selling console in Europe of its generation. No single conference Microsoft has will change that.

And are people forgetting that Sony will have their own European conference at Paris Game Week, in addition to their other conferences at TGS and PSX later in the year? Or that third parties will still have PS4 content to reveal at GamesCom? Sony still has plenty of bombshells of their own to counter Microsoft.

bf000777966866d ago

80 percent of market share in Europe I don't see anything make them worry

alb1899866d ago

WELL, you get worry when you have things.......because then you don't wanna lose them......soooo i think they should be worry and if they aren't then, after the MS conference they will be.

donthate866d ago (Edited 866d ago )


Contrary to all the fanboys, Sony should be very aware of MS. That is how MS beat them last generation, and if it wasn't for the strong Playstation brand thanks to total domination in the previous two generations, I'm not sure PS would have recovered.

A lot of people think "afraid" signifies weakness, but in general we do better when we have a little fear in us. It should be seen as a good thing.

MS is on a warpath in Europe now and their morale is high, and they have the content to show for it as well.

Sony can't change much on what they have lined up, those are pretty much cast in stone, but they can respond with by moving up announcements of things further out.

I'm hoping for a great show from Sony in Paris!

BitbyDeath866d ago

Sony will have plenty of time to counter.
First with ParisCom, then TGS and then PSX.
None of which MS will be attending.

candystop866d ago

As long as they keep there fan base happy is all that matters.

MaximusPrime_866d ago

same question asked before E3 earlier this year. Nobody should be afraid. Competition is pointless

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