IGN: Home UK Preview

While the entire, none-too-formidable workforce of the good ship IGN was working its way around last week's E3, its pale-faced companions at the IGN UK office spent a week wistfully picking through the avalanche of coverage and dreaming of sunnier climes. One tid-bit thrown hteir way to prevent a mutiny was an invitation to the beta of SCE Studios London's PlayStation Home, Sony's online portal for the PlayStation 3 that has been increasingly conspicuous in its absence since its first public appearance at the Games Developer's Conference back in the halcyon days of March 2007.

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thor3644d ago

"Identity crisis"

This is my main concern with home. Can someone explain, when home launches, what will I use it for? Because at the moment I see no reason why, if I want to play a game with my games console, I wouldn't just load up that game. So what will I use home for?


I think that with HOME you can make a party of friends and take them from game to game or watch a movie or share photos online.

Kinda like the MS avatar party feature (up to 8 friends i think) where you meet up chat and the rest.

I also have your reservations though - i dont wanna look around my apartment,shoot some meaningless pool and then wander into my 'launch room' just to start LBP...........

King_many_layers3644d ago

I don't see why you guys can't quite see what Home is offering in terms of bringing together the community. It's all very nice to chat with people, but to be able to do so whilst watching their virtual character and many others around gives it ( I would imagine ) a much more personal feeling and just makes it more enjoable.

For me Home is going to be all about interacting with my friends and bringing them together to discuss plans within games and such things.

For example how it was said a while back about the possiblity of a home room for Warhawk which would have a table to plot your game on ( correct me if I'm wrong )

dabizo3644d ago

I am sick of hearing about 'Home' the elusive title seems to available to almost everyone except me lol
I have already lost interest in this over hyped 3d my space. I say to Sony, release it or bin it just make a decision.

wibble3644d ago

It's something you're either gonna love or hate depending on your attitude towards internet friendships. Some people seek friendship/companionship online while others just want to jump straight into a game and shoot some random anonymous internet people before going off and hanging with their *real* friends.

Home really belongs on the PC because PCs tend to be used by elder folks with less of a real social life. Younger folks tend to have a decent social life because of school/college skateboarding/BMXing/Goofing-a round etc and so don't really have time (or a need) for internet friends.