The Best Upcoming XBOX ONE Exclusives

TechDaring: "So, here we go! We bring you the very best upcoming Xbox Xclusives..It’s not a typo, I swear."

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Aenea931d ago

Why is Rise of the Tomb Raider mentioned as an Xbox One exclusive??

SuperStatePro931d ago

Why is a person named Aenea commenting??

bf000777966930d ago

From a diehard Xbox fanboy's point of view

WCxAlchemist931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

So many to choose from so my choice has 4 sharing the crown as the Best exclusive its literally impossible to choose one.

1A) Gears 4

1B) Quantum Break

1C) Scalebound

1D) Halo5

i tried picking one but cant

LifeInNZ931d ago

Throw in Forza 6, Crackdown 3 and Tomb Raider and you can start to understand my financial pain!

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guyman930d ago

Quantum break! that last demo blew me off the face of the earth