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IGN: Rare Replay has set a new bar for video game compilations. Though they range from all-time greats like Banjo-Kazooie to forgettable missteps, the 30 games included in here tell the story of not only a single studio, but of the past three decades of video game history. From the early days of home console gaming with Jetpac, to the rise of the console shooter in Perfect Dark, all the way to a pair of Xbox 360 launch games, Rare Replay’s breadth and depth is consistently impressive.

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Rookie_Monster1107d ago

Masterpiece!! This 30 game collection and Gears Ultimate with 4 BC games will fight for my playtime until my next purchase, Forza 6 in mid september. :)

4Sh0w1107d ago

Yeah, its a great collection....also I didn't know they added a rewind feature to the gameplay, that's pretty cool and will come in handy for some of those infuriating wtf? moments.

Automatic791107d ago

What up Rookie Monster you took words right out my mouth this is definitely a masterpiece. Day one purchase can't wait to play.

urwifeminder1107d ago

Exactly what I am doing then Halo sheesh I wont need any games for a while.

Black0ut1107d ago

Definitely agree and well said Rookie. I'm so glad that this collection is getting all the praise that it deserves. So much nostalgia!!!

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KilKarazy1107d ago

So is he saying conker was a misstep?

SirJoJo1107d ago

My thoughts too, WTF! absolute blasphemy! I actually wanted slap him! Like actually!

HaydenJameSmith1107d ago

Bad fur day was a misstep... so was B&C Nuts and Bolts. Thats not to say they were bad but not as good as the others...

On topicc, this collection is a great testament to how long Rare have been developing gameds...

Kingdomcome2471107d ago

They had some neat custom controllers in the vs. video. I can't wait until tomorrow.

Rimeskeem1107d ago

Come on guys, 30 amazing games from an amazing developer for 30$?!

That is the biggest steal you can pay for

ABizzel11107d ago

30 amazing games is a stretch, but it's a steal nonetheless.

UltraNova1107d ago

I would buy B&K and Perfect Dark for 30 bucks alone...

This is undoubtedly the mother of all collections on a single disc!

Deathdeliverer1107d ago

Can't pay $30 for this. No way no how. I'll wait till the price drops to at least $29. Most of the games are trash anyway.

1107d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.