The Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Look Different, and That’s Okay

PS4Home: "As a remake, FFVII will undoubtedly look different, but with no new characters being added, it seems that the game will still follow the basic storyline we all know and love."

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KimikoGaming1083d ago

I can see them changing a little bit of the dialogue to reference more of the events and characters in Crisis Core, such as Angeal, Genesis, Hollander and forshadow some of the events from Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus.

lipton1011082d ago

I actually kind of hope they go a more extreme route and act as if the spin offs and sequels never existed, relying only on the 1997 source material and evolving from there.

KimikoGaming1082d ago

I'd be fine with the spin-offs and sequels not being included.

But they need to make the game be a bit more in sync with Crisis Core.

PSIN4MANT1082d ago

Um hopefully It would be a shame if the remake looked the same...

Eidolon1082d ago

I know, that's the entire point and what we've been asking for since the technical demo showcase.

ScubaSteve11082d ago

Of course it will look different, it will be translated right, then when it first came out in 97

CLOUD19831082d ago

What a pile of horse crap this casual ignorant fool spouting around... & he said that SE gave us gr8 games in FF series! my head is going to explode from the bullsh1t I just read... The series become garbage since the merge with Enix & after Sakaguchi left, anything SE release after FFX (the "FINAL" FINAL FANTASY for me) was trash with idiotic boring battle systems full of AI crap & auto-battles & the majority believe the same thing that's why the sales drop & fans outrage with the state the series is for the past 14 years now.