The 15 Best First Person Shooters

Quake 4 released by Id Software in 2005. It is the fourth installment of the famous Quake series. The Quake series started in 1996. The story of Quake 4 takes place during the second invasion of an alien race called Stroggos. You are Corporal Matthew Kane and you must destroy the Nexus. Nexus is a facility that helps Stroggos to communicate.

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AndiPs131084d ago

Still missing many games, You could go up to 30 games but from those i will say that i like:


Valantis871084d ago

BIOSHOCK is my #1 choice as well, the game is just unbelievable!

UltraNova1083d ago

1. Goldeneye
2. Half-life 2
3. Battlefieled Bad company 2
4. Black
5. Halo combat Evolved
6. Killzone 2
7. Doom 3
8. Duke Nukem 3D
9. Perfect Dark
10. Resistance Fall of Man

My personal list for fav FPS.

NukaCola1083d ago

Metroid Prime
Killzone 2

Wenis1084d ago

If you are going to include a Battlefield game, it should have been BF2 in my opinion

Valantis871084d ago

I was debating on that , both great games, you may be right, 2 was really a great game, but I enjoyed 3 much more, thats the reason its in the lsit.

AndiPs131084d ago

I will agree with you Wenis 2 was better, to my opinion as well.

HaMM4R1083d ago

Plus the mods for 2. PR is fucking amazing.

Kavorklestein1084d ago

The Crysis and Far Cry games are way underrated.
I was very glad to see them in this list.

AndiPs131084d ago

Good point I really enjoyed Far Cry games, and I just got crisis couple of months ago through ps plus and it was pretty good!

thisismytag1083d ago


Resistance 3 is my favorite First Person Shooter of all time. Enjoyed the game thoroughly.

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The story is too old to be commented.