GameShark: Final Fantasy IV Review

What is most admirable about the remake of Square's classic RPG game is not the fancy new 3D graphics. The look may be more modern and some of the features and combat tweaked, but ultimately the underlying game itself remains just as it was complete with both its epic plot and spoony bards. The game may not make use of all of the strengths of the Nintendo DS but it makes full use of the ones that really matter, bolstering an already impressive game for a new generation of as well as those who look forward to replaying through a classic staple of the role playing genre.

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PS360WII3707d ago

aww another guy who didn't like the voice acting :( I don't get it really. It was done well and there isn't any overacting in it or stuff of that nature. He even used Kain as the example >< He sounds badarse!