Playstation 4 has Sold 25 Million Units. Has Sony Entered into a Second Golden Age?

Poli Games talks about how Sony has sold more then 25 million units worldwide! What this means for Sony and the industry.

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DarkOcelet1146d ago

Congrats to Sony for such an amazing sales.

Cindy-rella1146d ago

The ps4 will definitely sell more than 120 million units by the way its selling and how popular it is.

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Volkama1145d ago

It will almost certainly sell 50billion. I predict it will replace the common brick as the favoured material for constructing houses.

We'll need to adjust the 3 little piggies tale though.
Straw house - blown down
Stick house - blown down
Brick house - stayed up
PS4 house - Big Bad Wolf plays Bloodborne and Rocket League whilst eating bacon sarnies.

breakpad1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

it was inevitable phenomenon the success of PS4 ...the course started even from PS3 but it was difficult to notice and struggled hard against the dude-bro-westernization of every game genre (which was heavily forced by competition) with solid sales just trumps competition an it sets its own rules (the ones we all expected buying back then a PS3)

medman1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Bacon cernies...ah, ah...see what I did there? Mark Cerny, the ps4 architect? Ah? Ah?
I'll show myself out.

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wakeNbake1145d ago

They're going to dominate nonstop at least until PS5/XB2 come out.

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miyamoto1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

PS4 is really "The Renaissance Console"
designed by Mark "The Renaissance Man" Cerny

Its nice to know that another Xbox hardcore fan (the guy in this video) returns to the PlayStation by his own testimony and is really happy about his decision. He also believes the PS4 will outsell the PS2. WOW!

Since February 20, 2013 I told you guys the PlaySaviour 4 will revolutionize the video gaming industry.

Positivity, Productivity, Progress, Peace and Prosperity

Magicite1145d ago

I think 35m shipped before 2016 might be possible.

DarkOcelet1145d ago

With MGSV/Fallout 4/Just Cause 3/Hitman/COD BO3/Star Wars/Until Dawn... It's pretty much confirmed.

Jaqen_Hghar1145d ago

They're up YoY and will have the marketing for COD and AC (swung from Xbox last year in DLC and marketing). They also have several solid exclusives such as Until Dawn, Tearaway, Uncharted Collection, and several downloadable titles. Not to mention much stronger Japan lineup this year and this Fall to boost what is now their weakest major market (only because of overall console decline there). They'll most definitely get another 10m consoles out when you consider that even if they don't do a price cut they'll have cheaper bundles this year.

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SpaceRanger1146d ago

Improving the gaming market one console at a time! Each of those 25 million consoles sold wishin the past two and a half years are all gamers that knew where the best place to game is.

We are in the golden era of this gen for those with this console. Games all year long, first AND third party support, new gaming features (remote play, share play). The list of reasons goes on.

TheGreatGamer1146d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

So what about gamers on pc, xb1 or wii u? 25mil is such an impressive feat and hats off to Sony but drop the propaganda talk pal

SpaceRanger1145d ago

What about them?? lol

I don't believe there's any mention in my comment or in this videocast about any of those in regards to the gamers who play on them. It's not propaganda when what I said is based on facts. If facts bother you that much, then go to a Xbox vs PS4 article where each comment is biased and states anything but facts.

wenaldy1145d ago

Err what about them? Silly comment.

_-EDMIX-_1145d ago


They are the only company to do more then 80 million EVERY GENERATION! Sold the most out of MS and Nintendo.

Something is crazy when 80 million is considered low sales to a company. lol

They are ridiculously consistent EVERY GEN.

I agree with what many are stating...what about them?

The article is not about PC, nor XONE, nor Wii U.

25 million is not only an impressive feat, its clearly showing this company is doing something correct EVERY GEN if they are able to keep doing this over and over and over.

Clearly...something they are doing is correct if 80 plus million are returning every gen.

This is about what PS4 has done, not what XONE or Wii U or PC is not doing, its not even a dis to any console or platform to be honest, I'm not sure why one wold think that.

wsoutlaw871145d ago

Some of these people have lost their minds. They're acting like sonys sales is some great accomplishment they did. I don't get it.

Death1145d ago


You are altering the numbers to support your opinions instead of forming your opinions around the numbers. Sony sold half as many PS3's as they did PS2's. I'm not sure how that is consistent. Losing half of your sales and even more in market share is almost hard to do if your name isn't Nintendo. Sony changed the way they do business with the PS4 relying more on third party content, charging to play online and focusing on subscription services like PSNow and PSVue.

insomnium21145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )


Last I checked they didn't stop manufacturing the PS3 just yet.

I don't think that "losing half" is a correct statement even at this time and age but the PS3 has a few years on the shelves still. I just bought one for my son for cristmas and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. The thing is still selling pretty well afaik so the gap is shrinking. Someone could provide a link to sales right about now.

Also about the market share I fail to see how Sony is losing anything by the time there comes a gen along where people find more than one console desireable. They all win don't they?

SilentNegotiator1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

"You are altering the numbers to support your opinions instead of forming your opinions around the numbers. Sony sold half as many PS3's as they did PS2's"

Because that's not at ALL what you just did with that last sentence. Could you be any more salty?

_-EDMIX-_1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

@Death- "Sony sold half as many PS3's as they did PS2's. I'm not sure how that is consistent."

When your doing more units then MS and Nintendo's consoles sales COMBINED...your kinda doing something correct.

Add them up, Sony's PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 combined is more then all of Nintendo's consoles and MS consoles...COMBINED in sales.

Sony is the only company to sell more then 80 million every gen..

Nintendo has sold consoles LONGER yet only did this once, MS did this once and its the BEST they've ever done, yet the worst for Sony is again...the BEST for BOTH MS AND Nintendo..

The reality is...that is saying A LOT about how well PS systems actually sell.

"Sony changed the way they do business with the PS4 relying more on third party content"

Sure, you wish Death.

Last I recall, Sony still has the largest first party, they still have titles in development.

They are getting more third party content, not sure about them some how getting LESS first party as a result.

The Order, Bloodborne, Horizon, Knack, Sucker Punch working on a new IP, Naughty Dog working on a new ip, Quanitic Dreams working on a new IP, Sony Bend and the list goes on and on and on.

Sure. 25 million states otherwise, Sony still has studios in the dark...says otherwise.

Everybody Gone To The Rapture...coming literally in DAYS says otherwise, btw Sony owns the IP to that title too, add another to the list..

LordMaim1145d ago

@Death: So you're comparing the PS3's performance to literally the most popular console that has ever been created? Considering the gamble that they made on the Cell processor nearly destroyed the Playstation brand, I'd have to say that they still did remarkably well and came back to outsell their competition after launching a year late.

(And before anyone says what about the Wii, if you look at the Venn diagram of Wii owners to other console owners, you're going to see that the Wii was an inexpensive and innovative console that had Nintendo's catalog of unique IPs. It was an easy choice for a second console, and really *had* no competition in the market. If you haven't heard of the "Blue Ocean" strategy, it's a fascinating concept. Look it up!)

Go ahead and compare any other console to that PS2 Lifetime Sales yardstick and you're going to see that nothing measures up. Very few consoles have even made half as many sales. Not even the original NES, and those things were goddamn everywhere. Hardly a fair comparison.

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Aenea1145d ago

2 and a half years? Are you in the future? It released only 1 year and 8 months ago...

SpaceRanger1145d ago

Haha good catch. Not sure why I put two? I meant one and a half (give or take obviously). I guess that's what it feels like.

Jaqen_Hghar1145d ago

It's true. A man would maybe interested in PC or WiiU (sold his after E3) but there isn't even time anymore. All these PS+ games, first party titles all year, third party stuff all year, and a nice focus on a man's favorite modes (SP and co-op) have filled as much gaming time as a man can take this gen (just now catching up on a backlog but still have to get GTA5 and Witcher 3 and THEN Until Dawn is right around the corner!)

crazychris41241145d ago

Well this is the week we find out if North America will get the MGS 5 PS4 bundle or not. If we don't hear anything at Gamescom then it ain't coming here. Which is a shame. Its the best looking PS4 so far and an awesome special edition bundle is the only thing stopping me from getting a PS4. Yea I know there are the Batman and Destiny bundles but I don't want yet another black or white console. I collect these consoles so might as well wait for an amazing looking one in a color that's not black, white or gray.

Xavior_Reigns1145d ago

That MGSV PS4 is a must, Sony would be really unwise to not release it here. If they dont, they sure as hell better have a good reason why, lots of peeps would buy it.

xwilldemise1145d ago

Just to vouch for the Batman PS4 it looks awesome & even better in person, the gunmetal silver is a really nice touch! I agree though with the MGS bundle. The red PS4 looks amazing & would sell a TON of PS4's!! It'd be a money maker & SONY would be foolish to not try to do anything to try & bring here to NA!

Rimeskeem1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )


God of War
Gran Turismo
Final Fantasy 15
Price Cut

Its simply incredible how well the ps4 is doing

mechlord1145d ago


make a bundle with each of those games and you will have lots of millions extra consoles sold
oh.. they ARE doing that with GOW3:R
...hmmm...could it be??

Haru1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

PS1/2 were gold even PS3 was gold despite it's flaws I don't see why PS4 wouldn't be gold, Sony makes the best consoles in the world that's why Playstation brand is so popular