Free ‘Gears Of War’ Titles Won’t Include DLC With ‘Ultimate Edition’

INQ: Microsoft announced earlier Monday that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on the Xbox One will come with all four Xbox 360 titles from the series for free. At the suggestion of a reader, I contacted the company about where the DLC and Season Passes fit in the picture. The response is not surprising, but there is a mix of good and bad news for those that haven’t purchased some or any.

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-Foxtrot1176d ago

Does it matter. They are a bonus

Least we got something extra

suckingeggs1176d ago


Who cares.. Still a great deal.. 29.99 for all of this is cray

Amazing deal Microsoft can't wait kudos

4Sh0w1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I agree, its like damm man when you get served some good steak 'n lobster, dont ask where's the tea, just eat man, just eat.

Erik73571176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Halo included it all gears should include it all

isa_scout1176d ago

Halo was a collection this is one game... The other free Gears games are BC 360 games. I think it's great for $40. Did you see the Gears UE vs the original video from Gamespot? Holy shit that blew my mind, August 25th can't come soon enough.

Dlacy13g1176d ago

For the 360 versions I would imagine if you bought the dlc before it will be available would it not?

JeffGUNZ1176d ago

Funny thing is I had all the DLC from Gears of War. I am in the preview program and got a used copy of Gears yesterday since they made it BC. It said I did not have the DLC. I wonder if it is just a bug since they just made it BC and BC is still in preview/beta.

CrowbaitBob1176d ago

Yes. You'll have access to anything you've purchased as the purchases are attached to your Xbox Live account.

TedCruzsTaint1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )


People weren't expecting more than what was originally on show - a remake of the original, plus the added mutliplayer - and most seemed fine with it.
Then they say the past titles will be available as well as extra goodies. Better yet!

Now . . . now some "journalists" - those with nothing better to do, however - feel the need to whine, trying to drum up a little bit of drama around the fact that they won't include the DLC for said extra goodies.

I mean . . . really.
Give it a break.

Mikefizzled1176d ago

For all those interested definitely pick up RAAM's Shadow dlc for Gears 3. Getting to play the game from the legendary General's POV is great.

BillytheBarbarian1176d ago

If you're going to do multiplayer it matters because 70% of the maps were dlc.

0to1001175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

i care, the games are really old yet they still haven't made dlc free yet, i remember the early days on 360, they would have the paid dlc for a few months & eventually made them for free.

it ruins it for people who paid for dlc as it's harder to find games

now everything is about screwing gamers & $$$$

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TheGreatGamer1176d ago

As someone who already owns the dlc I'm fine with this and they're practically giving these games away for free with Gears UE so no one can complain

Black0ut1176d ago

Not sure about everyone else but that totally doesn't worry me. Looks to be great value thus far.

Rookie_Monster1176d ago

Al DLC are BC anyways so if one want DLC they can still buy them on the marketplace or if they have them already, they are free to use them and will work. I think that is why we will see many games will be BC when developers can sell extra digital contents for them still.

gangsta_red1176d ago

It would have been nice to have the DLC with the older titles but since they are basically the 360 versions and nothing else I guess it makes sense.

Hopefully MS will just make the extra maps free.

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