Stop Romanticizing SEGA

Richard Drummond of Gaming Tech United writes:

"I was a SEGA kid. I didn't own a Super Nintendo , or a NES, I proudly played on the Sega Genesis. It's fair to say that the Genesis was the origin for my love of gaming and one of the big factors in shaping my future as someone who is so deep int he rabbit hole. With that said though, it's time we take a realistic look at the company behind the most famous hedgehog in the world, SEGA."

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FallenAngel19841083d ago

Besides Genesis, every platform SEGA made was a huge disaster. Their regional divisions even had disputes with one another

GamingTechUnited1083d ago

That's what we get at in the article. We actually site some of the sales numbers and they're just not impressive outside of the Genesis.

Genesis – 40 million
Master System – 14.5 million
Game Gear – 11 million
Dreamcast – 10.6 million
Sega Saturn – 9.5
Sega Pico – 3.4 million

Kingdomcome2471083d ago

I've never even heard of the Pico. Did it come with the, "De Gallo", peripheral? Sorry... I'll see myself out now.

stragomccloud1083d ago

Loved your comment Kingdomcome 247

iplay1up21082d ago

Dreamcast was at the time of its release the most powerful console out.

I remember playing Sonic Adventure and thinking how great it looked compared to,PS1/N64 games.

Back then it was so amazing going from PS1/N64 to Dreamcast, GameCube, PS2, and Xbox. The visuals and controllers (although Dreamcast and Xbox were not nearly as good as Sony and Nintendo's controllers) we're finally fine tuned for gamers. Visually you could see AMAZING differences immediately.

FallenAngel19841083d ago

Not only does SEGA have consoles that performed badly, many of their franchises besides Sonic died out by the time they went third party.

SEGA was a very creative company, but they have really dropped to a shadow of their former selves in today's age

Kingdomcome2471083d ago

Little did they know that, "Shadow the Hedgehog", would be, "ForeSHADOWing." Okay... I'll actually see myself out this time.

ShaunCameron1083d ago

I wouldn't call the Dreamcast a huge disaster, but the Saturn? HELL YEAH! They didn't fully recover from that.

Volkama1082d ago

Still had some cracking games though. Their hardware was pretty poorly conceived and the business was run into the ground hard, but they had some fantastic creative talent in those days.

Sadly when Sega dropped hardware their creative talent also abandoned ship. It would be interesting to know why that was. Did they jump, or were they pushed?

TheKingslayer1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

The problem with the author's entire premise is that he's only talking about Sega from a console perspective.

Sega was the best, and to this day prolific game publisher in terms of original IP. That is both on console and in the arcades. Sega was also the pioneer of many of today's biggest genre's of gaming. Add to that the most innovative in terms of use of technology, game design, and experiental marketing. The last one in terms of customize gaming experiences with arcade cabinents, game controllers etc. VMU for the Dreamcast comes to mind.

When people sit back and talk about console game exclusives. Sega created more of that content than any publisher back then or now. Take a look at the Sega catalog. When you look at those numbers for game console sales keep in mind that Sega had little to no support for their consoles outside of the Sega Genesis. The Sega Genesis was responsible for John Madden Football and EA becoming what it is today.

This has got to be one of the worst gaming videos done on a publisher. One can't romanticize enough about one of the best publishers in gaming history. It's not about Sega as a console manufacture, but their sole ability at one time to be the most creative company in gaming...Period.

Sega pioneered online gaming, creating what ultimately became Xbox Live. Do your homework. Sega's contribution to gaming can be measured. Grand Theft Auto in it's open world form exists toady because of Shenmue. You can't mention Gran Turismo without mentioning Moto Cross which Sega made in 1976 the first arcade racer, Monaco Grand Prix, along with Daytona USA the most profitable arcade racer of all time.

No Sega can not return to what it once was, but to suggest there be no romanticizing, celebration of Sega makes you sound like you just got into gaming this morning. Sega's contribution to gaming is overwhelming. From the studios to some of the best game designers in the world. You have got to be kidding. In an age where Konami can just act as if Kojima San's contribution to their company, and gaming is something to sweep under the rug. Gamers had better cherish what has come before, because it ain't coming back again.

In an era where everyone is all about exclusive games make a console great. Sega did it like no one. As much as people run around hating on Microsoft with their few exclusives. Nintendo exists today from doing the same with Mario, Zelda, and a sprinkle here and there of some new exclusives. For the most part Nintendo has been, and still is the king of rehashing franchises.

Here's a brief list of some of Sega's internally created, and self published titles. Notice I didn't even include Sonic the Hedge Hog. SMH...

Phantasy Star
Herzog Zwei
Shinning Force
Virtual On
Virtua Fighter
Altered Beast
Virtua Cop
Hang On
Space Harrier
Jet Set Radio
Alex The Kid
Crazy Taxi
Sega Rally
Out Run
Virtua Racing
Fighting Vipers
After Burner
Burning Rangers
Streets of Rage
Golden Axe
Wrestle War
ClockWork Knight
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
Tommy Lasorda Baseball
Joe Montana Football
NBA 2k
Castle Of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse
Comix Zone
Panzer Dragoon
Galaxy Force
Skies of Arcadia

I could do this for a long time...I think I made my point.

GamingTechUnited1083d ago

The entire point of the article was to focus on the console side of SEGA. This piece was focused towards those who are calling for a NEW SEGA system. Simple as that.

N4g_null1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Such a great game list there.

You can't separate arcade Sega from console sega. This is the source of their hype and even tech. When arcades died a big part of gaming died and so did sega. Really when people bought a Sega console they where thinking about their arcade tech. Which was very high end for its time. They even out paced pc many times. I love arcade sega but played nintendo, neogeo at home. Except for the dreamcast.

Also what is this fixation with the youth and sales. Wait till a system dies hype wise and then see how many people still love it. Much of our hype for games these days are manufactured and almost programmed into the gaming population. If Sega was more like sony pr wise then they would still be around as a console maker. I would rather have them back as opposed to ms or sony right now, simply because they brought new things out that I actually wanted.

marloc_x1082d ago

Love my Genesis and Master system..

Miss the facet of my youth spent in arcades dearly😊

marloc_x1082d ago

I put countless quarters into Sega's machines.

Bubble for a great post!

Volkama1082d ago

Bubble up. I'd love to know where some of that creative talent ended up.

Maybe Sega "pulled a Konami", and set them all to work as janitors in the last-standing arcades.

MSBAUSTX1082d ago

The problem is you can do that for a long time but Sega cant. They fail time and time again at trying to revitalize their old franchises and yet ignore the ones people actually want to get behind. They screwed up a lot of their IPs and refuse to bring back fan favorites.

Virtually all the ones you listed havent seen the light of day in decades and or have been garbage rereleases. Sonic Colors and Generations were great games. But when 3DS or DS even Sonic games are better than your console releases, you have a problem. Need I mention Sonic boom? Sonic Lost World was better than Boom in gameplay!

Where are games like Panzer Dragoon, Phantasy star in the West, shinobi and Shenmue, and golden Axe? Nowhere to be found, just like Sega.

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TheKingslayer1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

That's the thing the reason why there is a section of the gaming community wanting a New SEGA system isn't predicated on a console itself. It's predicated on what SEGA has been to gaming.

I agree the Genesis is the most successful console Sega created. It's because they took Nintendo seriously, and had their entire company on board. Sega's internal problems hurt the console side because they were so successful as an arcade gaming company. Their best studios were in arcade development. Yet, even with the horrible console failures. Some of gamings best titles came out then.

Let's take the Sega Saturn for instance. That console was home to Panzer Dragoon. Think about that for a second. One of the most original and impressive games of any era.

What people are asking for really is Sega's originality. People look at the landscape of console gaming today, and no one sees a caliber of creativity that set's consoles apart from the PC. Everything is a carbon copy of something else. It's the experience of playing Jet Set Radio at the time, and seeing absolutely nothing on any console in it's league. So influential that Insominiac had to create a spiritual successor and pay homage to a game play design that would have all been forgotten in "Sunset Overdrive". That's influence. No matter how much a console is or is not successful.

It's the investment in 2K Sports that years later has the brand offering one of sports best franchises in the NBA 2K series. EA had to literally buyout the NFL so we can never get another NFL 2K...That's legacy.

I'm not of the mind set that there should be a new Sega console. What I am of the mind set is taking a real good look at what Sega has meant, and keeping that romance alive with gamers. Beyond any console, but as gamings brightest publisher ever.

GamingTechUnited1083d ago

I don't disagree that SEGA had something special in the creativity department. That's the keyword though, had. They WERE something special. They're not the same SEGA anymore and I don't think that we'll see games like you listed from them again, at least in the near future (outside of those from Atlus).

The "romanticizing" the article refers to isn't that of their creativity and ingenuity, it's the romanticizing of their console creating prowess.

Again, this piece wasn't made to discredit the titles and ingenuity they brought to the gaming space, it was made to open the eyes of those who think that SEGA has a history of console success and could produce another one.

N4g_null1082d ago

The truth is everyone has lost that kind of creativity. Everything now is realism based. We would call today's games sims compared to what we had during the arcade age. Sega represents the arcade age. The youth of today can't possibly understand that now. Every arcade was a 365 day long E3. Imagine that?! Then it all died. It's sega arcade success that people wanted back. You bought sega because it was an affordable arcade knock off. The death of arcades parallels the down fall of sega.

We simply have a deeper understanding of sega and actually what went wrong. You are right though. The sega here is not the same sega of past that had serious tech r and d. Heck you could argue that nintendo is competitive with the ghost of sega now. Yet arcades would have to come back for sega to become a threat again.

KindaGrump1083d ago

It's crazy to see the numbers of their consoles, I didn't know they were so low. I do appreciate the things that the Dreamcast brought to the table, but the market wasn't ready for it I guess.

I think, like all things we enjoyed in life, we look back on certain things with rose-tinted glasses once in awhile.

MSBAUSTX1082d ago

It didnt play DVDs. PS2 crushed it because oft hat one little thing.

LordMaim1083d ago

I don't have to romanticize Sega. They're awesome enough without me gilding the lilly. Don't tell me what to do, website!

Volkama1082d ago

lol I also disapprove of article titles that directly instruct readers on what to think or do.

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