New Music Teased for Driveclub; New Free Car Announcement Coming and Private Lobbies Info Shared

The season pass for Driveclub may have ended, but Evolution Studios won’t stop supporting the game, as mentioned by Game Director Paul Rustchynsky.

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jokerisalive991d ago

Favorite racer this gen hands down....till GT7 drops that is.

Crazyglues991d ago

yeah but we got no word on GT7...?

Not even a hint of it coming out...

Yi-Long991d ago

Love the game. Really hoping they'll keep on building on it with new locations.

I would love a city-tracks expansion, a rally expansion, a bike-expansion, etc etc.

Majin-vegeta991d ago

For GT7, myself and my staff have a clear vision: to do everything we couldn’t do in GT6. We want to make it very Gran Turismo. By that I mean it’s going to be a game that matches the very era that we live in, in 2015 or 2016.”

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NeonEnigma991d ago

I have the ps plus edition and i have to say its one of the most challenging racers ive ever played but im having a great time with it! I downloaded all the cars that evolution offered for free but they dont seem to be showing up/unlocking in my garage.. Do i need the full version to access free dlc cars???

Monolith991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Shouldnt, might be your rank or stats. But not positive. I have the game. They're free.

twiggytree12991d ago

The free cars are for the full game, not the ps plus edition.

GNCFLYER991d ago

One of my favorite racing games ever, and one of my top games this gen.

So challenging and addictive.

The season pass is incredible.

Muzikguy991d ago

I do still want to get this game. Maybe if I hold out a little longer I'll get all the DLC too. I like the Plus edition. I'll admit though since Planetside2 came out I've been playing that game instead

ilikepizza991d ago

I swear every week with game lol,its dead n4g,get over it lol,amazing.

twiggytree12991d ago

No... No it's not. They literally just finished up one of the most amazing season passes to ever exist! And then announced MORE content was coming, paid and free.

That don't happen when a game is "dead"

Driveclub is one of the best racers out there whether you like it or not ;)

ilikepizza986d ago

Game is dead,that's why they finally gave the free version to people to get more people on,how anyone supported this trash is beyond me.