Watch this guy take off from the skyscraper in GTA V [Gif]

Watch this guy takeoff from the skyscrapper - Maze Bank Tower in GTA V. The animated gif renders a really amazing gameplay, and it is strangely satifying to see the player taking off the plane from that tower - that too backwards!

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Black0ut934d ago

That...Is actually quite impressive.

How did he even get the jet there in the first place? Lots of trial and error I'm guessing? Badarse either way =)

psplova934d ago

Right. I wanna see just how the *bleep* he got it up there to begin with..

AdamJensen934d ago

The way I've landed a plane there before is by cutting the engines early just a bit above it, then dipping the plane down a bit just before reaching the building and rising back up above the building while stalling the airplane to land without any momentum.

He might have used another method, who knows, but that's what worked for me.

Black0ut934d ago

Ah I see. Thanks for the insight dude and +bub for interesting =)

lipton101934d ago

I'm a huge grammer nazi and that line also bothered the hell out of me, lol

ab5olut10n933d ago

Hahaha im not bothered, just thought it sounded funny. Like "i am disappoint"

ApolloTheBoss934d ago

Impressive indeed. Though in real life this would be extremely dangerous. Also impossible.

digitfreakbot934d ago

It is not impossible.The trick is to come in way below the roof, then fly vertically upwards against the tower.
Your aim is to stall yourself out from flying vertically upwards right as you crest the tower, bringing the plane to a nice sudden stop on top.
It's possible to do it with a Titan if you angle it right, gotta watch the north side though because there's a fence on that side. You can also do it in a military jet/besra though it's harder to stall a jet so you may need to just cut the engines.

ApolloTheBoss933d ago

Yes, but my point is if you screw up and hit a building you won't be getting another life to try it again. How you possibly practice doing this?

scottd933d ago

don't forget he could of also spawned it with a hack...