Nuked Washington D.C. In Fallout 3 Is Not A Political Statement And Other Developer Revelations

Stephen Totilo writes:

"When the United States is busy electing a president this fall, the developers at Bethesda Softworks will be hoping that gamers are enjoying their time in a nuked Washington, D.C.

And, no, there's no connection.

I spoke with "Fallout 3" executive producer Todd Howard recently about his team's game, a sequel to the beloved top-down role-playing game PC series that is getting a first-person/third-person "Oblivion"-style treatment from Bethesda."

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Nevers3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

no matter what they say, the symbolism stands. It might not be INTENDED as a political statement, but the nuking of a major world-power's capital is a little loaded. With Form and Content, Intent gets lost by the time it reaches the eyes of the beholders. I'm totally fine with that, but it's true... so who cares... bring on the game lol

Massive-Delusion3710d ago

Please keep your Politics out of my video games! Besides, is the whole world not supposed to be nuked in Fallout 3? That'd probably include the Houses of Parliament, the Kremlin and other government buildings. People need to realise that it's just a video game...Pity people let Politics get in the way of fiction and fun...Can't portray without controversy...