Zombi U: Can The Cult Classic Truly Be Reborn?

Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate looks back at the Wii U's cult hit Zombi U. Will the PS4 and Xbox One version contain the soul that made the original such a joy?

''For all the stick the Nintendo Wii U has suffered, at least when it comes to a lack of adult games, Zombi U always remained a firm favourite. The misunderstood Ubisoft effort was a genuine step forward for survival horror. Touch screen gimmicks were transformed into viable gameplay elements that provided some truly intense moments. The slow and sluggish nature of the gameplay, the way in which a single zombie posed a genuine threat, Zombi U was fantastic''

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MilkMan964d ago

I don't see how this is going to work without the WiiU pad, BUT the more people play this cool game the better it is for the series. I loved every minute of it.

gangsta_red964d ago

I don't think this zombie game that was on the WiiU with the hundreds/thousands of zombie games PS3/4/360/X1 users have been getting for a while now.

Dying Light has already IMO spoiled us in the zombie genre of gaming. Don't know what this game could do to overshadow that experience.

_-EDMIX-_964d ago

I'm not sure why Dying Light doing well means Zombi U's port will do bad.

I get one is a better Zombi game, but the concepts are similar and many fans of those games may pick it up.

I'm not getting it, but once it goes down in price I may pick it up as a once over.

gangsta_red964d ago

Has nothing to do with the port being bad.

This is basically Nintendo's Wii/U only real zombie survival game they have had while Xbox and PS fans have enjoyed many games in the zombie genre. I bring up Dying Light because that is the most recent zombie game that did everything right.

The game comes at a time where there has been an influx of way better zombie games on the other two systems.

The concepts are too similar except one does it far better. That alone may make this game irrelevant.

_-EDMIX-_964d ago

@G- Red. - " That alone may make this game irrelevant"

Not really, consider I can own Dying Light and own Zombi....

I, consider I'm telling you I will buy this port AND Dying light, hell that doesn't even mean I won't buy RE or Evil Within, or Dead Island 2 (when ever it comes out) lol

Sorry but the are not THAT much the same that buying 1 is playing them all.

I'll pick it up at a later date. It won't get huge sales, but likely enough to cover the port, depends on what price they are going in for.

gangsta_red964d ago

That's cool that you will pick up the game.

FallenAngel1984964d ago

See hypocritical that this game caught a lot of flak just by virtue of being Wii U exclusive. If this does well enough to spark a sequel, it'd be truly ironic.

InTheZoneAC964d ago

except this game has no chance to do well on ps4/one because I doubt many are interested in it anyway...

_-EDMIX-_964d ago

define "do well" its a port, they will likely get a profit from this game day 1, consider they would have not ported it if they felt they couldn't make the money back from the port.

I think it will do fine and they will get a profit, I think they are gearing up for a Zombi 2.

Red Steel got a sequel sooooo lol

The game existing on PS4, XONE and PC is enough for it to have a "chance"

Summons75964d ago

If they fix the constant yelling from that character swinging a 4 pound bat and the extremely slow swing time, I'd say it could be the great game it wants to be if it weren't held back.

Revolver_X_964d ago

"Cult Classic"

A bit of a stretch statement, don't ya think?

PixelGateUk964d ago

No, not really. The game still generates discussion, it always has done within small circles. The following and appreciation has always been there, just in a smaller a cult classic

Revolver_X_964d ago

Just because something has a "cult" following, doesn't make it "classic." The game is decent at best. In 5 years no one will be discussing this game. To call it a "classic", is a stretch.

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