Xam'd Lost Memories Episode 3 Now Available

A new episode of Xam'd Lost Memories is now available for rental through the Playstation Video Store. For just $2.99 for SD and $3.99, you'll be able to continue the story of Xam'd LostMemories exclusively for the Playstation 3!

"Nakiami saves Akiyuki, and takes him aboard the International Postal Ship Zanbani. A Postal Ship is an airship that transports mail and cargo and can fly anywhere in the world regardless of borders. Akiyuki regains his human form thanks to Nakiami's care. The crewman Akushiba, taking it upon himself to be Akiyuki's mentor, hauls him around the ship to meet the various crew. Akiyuki has no idea what to make of them, and when Akushiba tells him that he'll have to work on the ship, Akiyuki begs the ship's captain, Ishu Benikawa, to let him off. Disgusted that he hasn't even thanked them, Ishu strikes him, leading him to remove the pin in his arm that keeps Xam'd at bay. As he does, a single Humanform Weapon comes to attack the ship."

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Homicide3558d ago

I'm hooked to this anime. Downloading it right now.

riqued3558d ago

non-US here, so I can't download... Someone put the first two eps on a torrent site, hopefully he will do the same with this one! =)

It's a really good anime, too bad I can't rent it...

Homicide3558d ago

Really? Sucks I already rented it, but at least I'm supporting Bones. They've made some of my favorite animes.

spectyre3558d ago

I can't buy it. I don't like renting. I haven't used the video store yet and I would have bought this but it costs more to rent then to buy other animes. So I guess I'll wait until I can purchase.