PewDiePie Rejects The Five Nights at Freddy's Hype

PewDiePie is famed for his over-the-top reactions to horror games. But that’s PewDiePie from 2012. PewDiePie from 2015? It takes more than a cheap jump scare to rile him up—and this reality is causing some friction with fans.

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-Foxtrot1083d ago

I know how he feels.

I've rejected the PewDiePie Hype for years.

This article seems more like a way to try and convince people how he's changed and is mature. Not surprising though considering it comes from Kotaku who have licked his arse for years

XBLSkull1083d ago

Agreed, how is this "News 4 Gamers"?

-Foxtrot1083d ago

Oh it's whatever they are feeling like on the day

Tried to post an article of Nolan North TALKING about the Uncharted film and Amy Hennigs involvement

....not news worth....belongs on Filmwatch

Yet on another day I see posts about the Resident Evil film or how the Minecraft movie has found it's new director.

subtenko1083d ago

Like the Pewdiepie hype....hah good point man. I know hes just a person tho, Im not really a 'hater'. Overreacting is annoying tho....

ABBAJESUS1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Pewdiepie is big part of gaming media today. His videos get over 10 million views in a week, so making a news about him isn't automaticly fanboying. Many people decide if they want to purchase some game after watching his videos. If he would have loved the game it would have sold maybe 10000-100000 more copies, so yes he has power even if you don't like him.

-Foxtrot1083d ago

Couldn't give a crap if he does have power, he's still an annoying jackass

Vladimir Putin has power and money yet he's a massive dick

They mean nothing

wellard1083d ago

My 12 year old niece and her extended group of friends are always going on about him. I think you over estimate the maturity of his followers. What kid doesn't have a smartphone nowadays.

ABBAJESUS1083d ago

"I've rejected the PewDiePie Hype for years. " And your still commenting news about him plus comparing him to Vladimir Putin.. He is a just guy who uploads videos to youtube, he is not hurting anybody.

-Foxtrot1083d ago

Rejecting hype means you can't comment on something?

I don't get hyped up for COD but I could still say something about it if I wanted

I didn't compare HIM as a person to Putin I was just making a point about power and money

Just because you have both power and dosen't mean shit.

Docknoss1083d ago

Yes! I can't stand this Idiot. He holds no relevance in the gaming industry. Him trying to sway people's minds by Rejecting FNaF is reason enough to reject him.

knickstr1083d ago

If anything he has gotten worse. The guy can't go 5 seconds without spazzing out with high pitch noises.

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Snookies121083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

I used to like him back in the day, but it seems like all he does these days are paid promotional videos... As if he doesn't make enough money as is... Really starting to dislike him lately. I suppose he 'rejects the Five Night's at Freddy's hype' because they wouldn't pay him to do videos on it.

Rimeskeem1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

There are also a lot of people that do things very similar to him but are either better at it or just as good but dont have a ad every freaking video.

JackSepticEye and Markiplier come off the top of my head

this is MY OPINION


100% agree

Snookies121083d ago

Yeah, I love Jack and Mark. They're both a lot of fun to watch. Those two, along with Dashie are my top 3 favorites nowadays.

DragonKnight1083d ago

Dashie is the best. Frickin' hilarious vids and he never fails to make my days better. Can't wait for his next Life is Strange video.

MeteorPanda1083d ago

razzbroski? spelling a bit off l think, was my favourite with watching fnaf playthroughs, he's nice, gets shit scared and...he cried at the ending XD

worth a look, think his videos are the most popular atm on 4

Concertoine1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

All these ZOMGZZZ fake reaction horror LP'ers have fastly ruined the promising indie horror scene. Now everyone and their dog is making low budget jump scare simulators for all these guys to shriek at. I remember when horror games were an art that demanded more respect than any other genre in the industry.

They all follow the tried and true pewd formula:

Collectivize your fans under a name (bros, etc)
Constantly push that subscribe and like button
Use click baity thumbnails typically unrelated to the game

Revolver_X_1083d ago


Who you tellin? His Geometry Dash videos are the best! TRIPLE SH!TS!!!

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Super_Ninja1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Well, if he's sick of pretending to be scared of the FNAF games, then maybe his countless copycats will stop pretending to be scared, too.

There's nothing worse than watching those idiots on Youtube prentending to get a jump scare and screaming like little bitches over something they know is coming and have seen a million times.

The copycats need to become more original with their content and stop just re-enacting what they see on PewDiePie's and Markiplier's channels.

Summons751083d ago

but he pretends to be scared at everything...whats one more game that isn't scary?

scark921083d ago

You become desensitized after a number of horrors, watching someone being scared after countless horror games would become a joke.

AudioEppa1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

So the guy has stated that he clearly gets scared easily and that he is a fan of the earlier games, yet, the current one doesn't faze him which in return upsets people because he's not faking it for their enjoyment?

He's such a monster..HOW DARE HE!!!

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