Destiny’s Weapon Tuning 2.0 Patch Shows How One PvP Addition Could Majorly Improve the Game

While Destiny's Weapon Tuning 2.0 patch is meant to fix the game's broken issues, it ends up highlighting the need for a deeper fix.

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Christopher1112d ago

Yes... lack of worthwhile PvP is definitely the issue with the game.

pompombrum1112d ago

So many of these changes should have been implemented months ago. Iron Banner is pretty much reduced to Thorn/TLW/Hawkmoon + Shotgun.. running anything else you're just handicapping yourself 98% of the time.

sevilha821112d ago

And red/yellow ping ,dont forgett that as well,even thou i have 100 mb of optic fiber,and constant bee errors,like always... ,every day...several times a day...since September last of 2014,and the nat 3 tipe message just craks me up,im nat 2 by default and opened the ports for the game...still nat 3 type message everytime.

Oh and the lagswitchers and exploiters,dont forget them.

Yeah,this game is far from being competitive,or fun for that matter...

I´ve been addicted for the past two months to Destiny since the expansion,but i can now say...i´m done with the game,no more cents will i spend on this clusterfu"#k of a game,no more incessevive grinding only to have nothing or carrying my team on PvP to victory just to see the douche that sits on a corner the all game with 0,6 ratio and no captured flags get the Hawkmoon as reward(that happened to me yesterday i saved the screeshoot just to martirize me more).

This game could´ve been awesome shame the good things it does dont overshadow the immense wrongs that it posseses.

InTheZoneAC1112d ago

I have regular broadband, never had type 3 ever

you may have much faster internet, but your settings suck if you have type 3

when you run the network test from the ps4 settings does it say nat 3 as well?

try leaving your router to default settings, choose automatic ip on your ps4, but choose manual dns on the ps4. dns 1 try your default router, probably or whatever your router ip is, secondary try adding another. I use google so my secondary is

When I tried making exceptions on my router or advanced routing or whatever it messed my connection up, but leaving things auto then adding extra dns on ps4 helped a lot

sevilha821112d ago

InTheZoneAC# when i run the test it states that im type 2 nat,it´s what we use in Portugal, the other games that i play online dont give me this issues,never...It´s only Destiny and coincidetical or not only one other franchise gave this kinda nat type message forcing me to port fowarding...CAll OF DUTY,also another game from Activision,even thu ill try follow your advice see if that works,i just belive that i shouldn´t have such assle as an consumer when it´s clearlly a problem from their end.

Thank for the tips

ABizzel11112d ago

Why is exactly why hand cannons needed a nerf a while ago, but specifically their range. For some reason Bungie seems to think Hand cannons should be equal in range to scout rifles, which is beyond stupid.

Range: Hand Cannon < Auto Rifle >=< Pulse Rifle < Scout Rifle

The same with Shotguns.

Shotguns should be close range only, Fusion rifles should dominate mid range, and snipers should dominate long range.

The core weapon balance is the main problem, not the perks (excluding Thorn).

InTheZoneAC1112d ago

why would you nerf the range of the pistol? At what point do you make it ineffective?

I don't even play this bs game anymore, but the crucibabies are the biggest reason why this game has issues, it affects vanguard and you'll never find balance in crucible.

Bungie should just roll out crucible updates on a loop, changing gun characteristics weekly, that way the babies can be content for at least one week before it caters to someone else's preferences.

ABizzel11112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )


Because a pistol shouldn't be sniping across the map like a Scout Rifle, and their bullet does the most damage per shot out of the primary weapons. I have every exotic in the game, and without question the Exotic Hand Cannons are completely overpowered, and when you look at usage Thron, The Last Word, and Hawkmoon are at the top of the tiering, because of their insane range and damage per shot.

Hand Cannons and Shotguns need a range reduction, nothing else needs to be changed.

And if you don't play the game then YTF are you even here commenting.

DanaBlack1112d ago

I think it's to little too late, everything that needed to be completed in the game has been completed before patch and your going to make it harder for the new adopters to complete the game now while everybody has already unlocked mostly everything

Kowsky1111d ago

Not necessarily. There is a lot that could still be improved about Destiny. While it may be difficult for new players to collect all the items, you don't need to be a collector to have an enjoyable Destiny experience.