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Writing a review for Rare Replay is among the most bizarre tasks imaginable in video game journalism. Think about it: this isn’t just a review of one game, it’s a review of thirty. On top of that, these are thirty titles from a studio that countless gamers hold in extremely high regard and nearly all of them are regarded as great in some fashion.

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Black0ut1106d ago

I'm seeing lots of "bizarre" first impressions by reviewers so far. Though almost every review is quite good in terms of scores and reviewer content.

Can't wait to try the game out for myself soon!

Conker19751106d ago

Jet Force Gemini has aged the worse... WHAT its still the best soundtrack out there and even though the controls are weird it can be beaten... Better cleaner graphics better Framerate it looks fantastic for a N64 Game and its frustrataing but a joy to play!