IGN's Xbox Gamescom Predictions - Podcast Unlocked

IGN: Rare's new game, Windows 10 connectivity, and more we want from Microsoft at Gamescom.

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TheGreatGamer1114d ago

The games will speak for themselves but I hope we get the new ui update for preview

fulnattybrah1114d ago

I have a funny feeling Quantum Break is going to release this year... I think thats going to be the surprise.

Immorals1114d ago

I will cry all the way to the bank, too many games this year! Plus an external for my xbox :(

Kingdomcome2471114d ago

It's my most anticipated game for sure, but I wouldn't want that at all. This Fall's lineup is already incredibly crowded as it is. I want Quantum Break to have room to shine, and move units.

bleedsoe9mm1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

don't get why marty thinks ms would announce a game delay at gamescom . if TR was going to get delayed it would have been between E3 and gamescom or after gamescom but not at either show .

jb2271114d ago

Yeah they definitely wouldn't announce something like that at Gamescom...even beyond that every week it was delayed would shave another week off of its timed exclusivity....I'm sure contracts like that are pretty ironclad. I just wonder if CD could delay the game even if they needed to, the dynamics of timed exclusivity probably wouldn't allow it to move outside the holiday window even if it needed more work.

KilKarazy1114d ago

Also they can't show gears in Germany so that's out. Phil said on Twitter the first two were banned in Germany.