5 Neglected Video-Game Genres/Environments

With some amazing titles coming out this year, there’s a lot to look forward to; franchises continuing, older games being re-mastered. It’s not a shock that sometimes developers stick to what they know and to their cash cows, that’s the reason they got into developing, right? It works but at times it would be nice if some antiques games could have a shine up or restoration, to compete with the new kids on the block. Let’s take a look at some genres that could have some tender loving care from its creators.

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cynicgamer1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

Destruction derby :') Oh how I wish they would bring it back! Same with Roller coaster Tycoon, though the less said about that terrible new upcoming Roller coaster Tycoon: World, the better...

MrsNesbitt1143d ago

The game that must not be named...

Shillmeister1142d ago

BugBear Games is working on 'Wreckfest' slowly but surely hah! And considering they're the original FlatOut devs got high hopes for it to be good. There is also another FlatOut game to come down the line, so another to keep an eye on. Also whatever Criterion is working on could possible have some aspect of Demolition Derby since it's a whole new game.
Gonna be like trains the demolition derby genre, get none for ages, then loads come at once!

Maple221143d ago

Oh Spyro... such a classic game. I think I will dust off my copy immediately!