BiA: Hell's Highway delayed again, new edition revealed

"Again?!" That was our reaction to Gearbox Software's latest news on the release of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, now delayed until late September (2008, not 2009 mind you). On a happier note, GameStop has unveiled that the third iteration in Ubisoft's WWII shooter series will be yet another title to be available in two editions come this Fall.

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thor3668d ago

Limited edition this, special edition that. Why do this to every game? Who _really_ wants a special edition of this game?

Fluffy2Duffy3668d ago

I preorder my game about 20min ago and now i pop in to see some games news, now sadly this particular game has to be delay AGAIN!!!! WTF! i'll be patient to wait.

Ace-Jury3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

big WWII buff and big fan of this series.

hmmm couldnt find the limited edition on ps3