It Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than amiibo

Hardcore Gamer - amiibo is what most believe to be an adorable figure that can be used across multiple games, but are the cute figures just a ploy in a diabolical series of mistruths?

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MNGamer-N929d ago

I don't mind collecting them. Just wish I could get them for what they are supposed to cost at the store.

DarthZoolu929d ago

Gamers should hate Amiibos they are DLC taken to a whole new level. They are pointless and stupid.

Logan832929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

To an extent. For many (myself included), we bought them more for the real life smash brother trophies we always wanted versus using them for DLC. Never bothered with any of the other ones.

Sylth01929d ago

"DLC taken to a whole new level"

In one respect, I disagree. Amiibo do not unlock traditional things associated with DLC like maps or game modes. They unlock costumes and items that are not required to play the game and confer no advantage to the player when used.

In another respect, though, I agree. Unlike most (all? I don't really know) DLC today, Amiibo unlock things across multiple games. Which would be like DLC for Little Big Planet unlocking stuff in Rachet and Clank. And Call of Duty. And Assassin's Creed.

So, looking at it that way, it is DLC taken to a whole new level. Stuff that doesn't really matter across many different games.

Hardly pointless and stupid.

theFAYEsorceress929d ago

nintendo has so little buzz going for them that they have to resort to fake supply and demand tactics. i don't, and will never support amiibos. ever.

-Foxtrot929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

It's only going to get worse

Nintendo, in this dark time, see how much money Amiibos are raking in for them and that's only going to want them to sell more....hoping this little gleam of light will bring them out of the darkness.

They'll end up putting more "exclusive" stuff in the Amiibos where it could possibly get to the point where you could only unlock more features in a game by buying a certain Amiibo for the game


Now you could say

"Don't like it, don't buy it"

But people said the same about DLC and Microtransactions

Look at where they are today. You only need to look at what Amiibos were presented at last year at E3 to where they are now (looking at this years E3). We are even getting Amiibo cards for Happy Hoke Designer.

It's got to stop for the NX

kneon929d ago

The market will probably crash before the NX releases.

When the prices come down and people get burned the demand will come down and the hype will come down.

Sylth01929d ago

With as much negative response Nintendo is getting for locking what they have behind Amiibos (things like costumes), I seriously doubt they will make the unlock-able content actually matter (say, a game mode or map).

And amiibo cards are a good thing that, imo, should have been available from the start, for those that just want to unlock the content and not hunt online for that unicorn Amiibo.

Your entire premise is based on a prediction they will make more content locked behind amiibo paywalls and that the amiibo cards they are making are bad without any reasoning (beyond the fact they are 'amiibo'. Buy based on your own opinion, but you should not be treating them as facts to support your argument.

MilkMan929d ago

Been saying this for months now. These things serve ZERO purpose other than collectibles. Gotta say this is a bad cash grab on Nintendo's part. Creating artificial supply and demand for that almighty dollar bill.

wonderfulmonkeyman929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Zero purpose?
That's a flat-out lie.
In Smash and HW alone they've given me hundreds of rewards that would have taken much more time and effort to grind for otherwise.

SuperRaccoon929d ago

So they made the content harder to access and you purchased the items to avoid needless grinding? Sounds very similar to the pay to win model.

wonderfulmonkeyman928d ago (Edited 928d ago )

You've obviously never play a DW game.
The best stuff always takes grinding, and even with a little help via Amiibo, I still need to put forth effort to find multiples of most of what they give me, to get the right skills for my desired gear.
It's not paying to win when they don't hand me everything I need on a silver platter.
Even with max Rupees and full gold materials, I'd still need to go grind for weapons with the right skills.

And as for Smash, their purpose as Advanced CPU's outweighs any amount of free gifts gained from playing at a buddie's house with them.

So yeah, way to misrepresent what I said.
Just because it gives me benefits doesn't mean it trivializes any content.

It's not pay to win.

Concertoine929d ago

Only worthwhile amiibo integration was Smash 4. Everything else is something lame like a costume or item.

In splatoon to get all the lobby minigames you had to pay a minimum of 35 dollars. Now that's upped to 80 on ebay. Downright robbery.

If nintendo cant keep up with demand, they shouldn't keep locking their content behind NFC garbage.

Sylth01929d ago

I'm usually in agreement with you, Concertoine, but I confess I am a bit confused by your comment.

You first state that everything but smash 4 is something lame like a costume or item, then later state they should not keep locking their content behind amiibos.

You cannot have it both ways. Either Nintendo makes Amiibo true DLC and make the unlockables truly worthwhile (which would annoy many people due to scalpers and scarcity) or they make the content unlocked minor 'lame' things that have no effect on the game (which seems to annoy a different sect of people, who want them to have more value).

I do agree about splatoon amiibos though. While the two squid kids could be found in my area several days after release, the 3 pack and its exclusive squid amiibo could not. Should've made them all separate.

Concertoine929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Well the amiibo capability in Smash 4 was unique in that it provided an adaptable AI that YOU could spend a couple hours teaching. You could teach it to taunt after a move, spike, combo, even team combo. Then (heres where the importance of a physical figure comes in) you could take it to a friends house and pit them against each other like a sick dog fight. Throwing down money as the blood of your warriors splats upon you! Or 2v2 each other with amiibo team mates! Plenty of bang for your buck.

That is both not something lame like a costume, and not a significant piece of content. There is a sweet spot, and Smash 4 had it. It couldn't work for every game, they can be relegated to the perfunctory stuff like costumes and items.

Maybe in star fox you could train your team mates to perform better or more supportive tasks (get enemies off your tail, etc)? I dont know, not my job to come up with ideas, that's nintendo's :P

Im pretty sure the splatoon amiibos dont even unlock the inkling costumes in smash, so their use is even more lacking. That's pretty ridiculous.

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