10 PS4 Games We Want to Learn More About at Gamescom 2015

Push Square: "Sony's not going to Gamescom 2015 next week – at least, that's what the drama queens would have you believe. The reality is that while the platform holder's postponed its annual press conference until Paris Games Week in October, the PlayStation 4 will still be stomping the cobbles of Cologne, with many a major title on display. In classic Push Square fashion, we've picked the ten attendees that we most want to learn more about, but you're welcome to share your suggestions in the comments section, too. Go on, we won't bite – well, unless you taste like a fine German frankfurter, of course."

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uth111147d ago

I just want release dates for No Man's Sky, Shadow of the Beast, Rime...

jb2271147d ago

Gamescom last year we were treated to P.T., an unknown title that was released simultaneously w/ the announcement....this year I'm predicting (or just hoping really hard) that No Man's Sky takes p.t.'s place and the game will magically appear on the psn. Honestly that would hands down win Gamescom for Sony w/o them even having to bother with a conference.