Super Mario Maker 100 Pre-made Courses Claim Retracted

After retracting their statement that Super Mario Maker will include 100 pre-made courses, Nintendo is now saying the game will include only dozens.

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MSBAUSTX1113d ago

Ok so is this Nintys fault or only Ninty UKs fault? Either way this game is going to be cool but they arent helping themselves with this type of false info. Perhaps this game will get a long supply of DLC like MK8, Smash u, and Hyrule Warriors. But i am a little disappointed in this news. Anyone know if we will still be avle to share levels on miiverse or something?

3-4-51113d ago

* I don't need ANY courses.

Within 2-3 days there will be awesome legit courses to download and I'll be spending the entirety of that first day just making my own sequels to SMW & SMB3.

MSBAUSTX1113d ago

Yeah youre right. Doesnt really matter. I agree.

deafdani1113d ago

It's no big deal, really. As far as I know, you can download courses, so you can play the in-game content the first couple days, then get to playing and downloading your favorite new courses that people will have already uploaded. And it will only get better over time, so... whatever?

I only hope Nintendo doesn't restrict the amount of courses you can download... I have a 2 TB hard drive disk, so, I want a lot of content so I can also play it offline.

Kalebninja1113d ago

By the end of the first month there will be tens of thousands. Its all good.

superchiller1113d ago

This game is a great concept, but Nintendo really should have included several older NES SMB games, like SMB 1/2/3, on the disc. It sounds like all you'll be getting is a base development game and some demo levels, not enough to justify the $60 retail price for the game.

marloc_x1113d ago

..And I'm sure the sales will reflect this schiller😉

deafdani1111d ago

Wow, Chiller, you're absolutely incapable of giving Nintendo a break, aren't you?

You're criticizing this game for stuff that it doesn't have, and it shouldn't have for any other reason except wishful thinking and self-entitlement. This is called "Super Mario Maker", not "Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario Maker".


As for the $60 retail price, maybe you're right, maybe you're not. Sales, and critical reception, will decide if this game is worth its asking price or not.

herbs1113d ago

Non issue (will feature dozens) still equals nearly a full mario game not to mention endless user generated content within likely hours-days of release.