Rare Replay: The Kotaku Review

Rare games meant a lot to the people who played them, so a collection of 30 of (most) of their best works should mean a lot to children of the Spectrum ZX, the Nintendo 64 and even the Xbox 360. Combined, they’re part of a new collection on the Xbox One that is one of the most extraordinary bundles to ever hit consoles a great meeting place for Nintendo and Xbox loyalists. The collection is full of games that are at times gorgeous and difficult, nearly always weird. It’d probably first help if I explained what in the world Rare Replay contains.

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Septic1027d ago

Playing it now wooo!

Loving it. Menu is boss!

Watch meh!

Black0ut1027d ago

Cool stream Sep, looked fun. Stop trying to swim against the current in conker though ;P

Toiletsteak1027d ago

God damn it, i missed your stream, i was hoping to watch some Conker.

Septic1027d ago

Come watch. I'm streaming again

slappy5081027d ago

Got mine delivered now. The only ones I've played before are the 360 games Perfect Dark and Kameo. Which game is the best one to start with ?

coolbeans1027d ago

Maybe one of the N64 titles, like Banjo or Conker.

slappy5081027d ago

Coolbeans! Never hd a n64 (that console never sold here) so I kinda feel left out when everyone talks about the likes of Banjo conkers and battle toads!

Toiletsteak1027d ago

@septic i am watching now and thanks for streaming Conker, i will give you a follow for that good sir.

Clown_Syndr0me1027d ago

Playing Perfect Dark Zero for the first time. Its pretty fun.