Konami Left Red Faced By 'Mobile Future' Comments

Everything seems to be falling apart at Konami, and Hideki Hayakawa's comments haven't made things much easier for the company.

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-Foxtrot1148d ago

I read those comments and I could literally smell bullshit.

You know when you sniff up an imaginary smell and it gets into your taste it a little and go "Urgh". Then you remember it's not real and think for like 4 minutes and 22 seconds if you are actually a sane person

Yeah that.

Konami are done and now that they've seen the reaction to what they've said about mobile they are trying to do a quick 180

Good they are going to drive Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill into the ground in the future.

Godmars2901148d ago

Correction: Silent Hill was already buried.

Don't offer any assurances whatsoever between how they're treating what remains of their talent and thinking that they would have gotten away mobile comment.

-Foxtrot1148d ago

I don't know...I kind of saw hope with Silent Hills.

Since it's been cancelled my hope for the series has died.

The franchise is defiantly dead and buried

breakpad1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

For the CEO Hideki Hayakawa ..i see he will have Square's Wada ending...aka completely cut off from the company

Jakface1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

It's just so strange that Konami seem to be tearing themselves apart from the inside out!

calvincrack1147d ago

I believe that Sony should buy a stake in Silent Hill and MGS and co-produce new games in those series which are exclusive to Sony consoles.

Zichu1147d ago

I have to say, MGSV will be my last Konami game, well I would call it a Kojima game. Even if Konami made MGs or Silent Hill, without Kojima, it's lost its meaning.

Jakface1147d ago

Precisely right. Kojima's departure signals the end of an era for Konami. Whatever the reason for him leaving, I honestly think the company will regret letting him go.