PES 2016 Demo Looks Better Than FIFA Again

Last year PES regained some of its old fans with its back to basics approach. This years offering is more of the same and, once again, looks better than FIFA.

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Fil1011078d ago

I was a massive pes fan bk on ps2 but it lost its way so jumped on the fifa band wagon. I've jus bought pes15 today from the store and gld I did , it's class snd gd to see its bk to the gloru days

Jakface1078d ago

I did exactly the same thing Fil101, I was a PES fanboy until I bought the first PS3 PES (it was terrible) I abandoned it for FIFA up until the PS4 came out thinking hey maybe they've sorted things out!

And they really have! Fifa might have the branding, but PES is so much more fun.

bouzebbal1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

PES all the way. I will still give FIFA a chance by trying the demo because FIFA's online is superior. But i don't think FIFA16 will be better than PES2015 the difference was so huge.
PES is maybe the only thing Konami has left.

freshslicepizza1078d ago

fifa has all the bells and whistles but now that pes finally caught up visually i'd rather play that. fifa still has better commentary and stadiums but the gameplay is superior on pes.

3-4-51078d ago

I really liked PES 2014 & PES 15 along with PES 2012 for 3DS.

This game looks awesome, I only wish I had a PS4 to take advantage of the edit file features which is HUGE to me in terms of replayability.

authentic1078d ago

Rocket League is better than both.

skydragoonityx1078d ago

@authentic obvious troll is obvious