Oregon Trail and Fearing the Accelerated Pace of Gaming Culture

Is the speed of modern gaming culture harmful for young gamers, or is it just a new spin on the same old business?

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Relientk771149d ago

Oregon Trail will always be one of my favorite computer games. I love how the game just messes with you.

Oh you want to ford the river, oh no your wagon tips thats so weird, you lose:

- 3 oxen
- 1200 pounds of food
- All your clothes so your naked
- All your wagon wheels, yokes and whatever
- 12 boxes of bullets
- And Mary and John drown

Oregon Trail is amazing lol

GameCrateEd1149d ago

It was pretty incredible that an educational game for children had so much random pain and death in it.

Simco8761149d ago

Sounds like the perfect way to teach kids about real life.

SuperbVillain1149d ago

damn, i used to play oregon trail everyday in 1st grade after school care im 26 now...damn life

SouljAx3601149d ago

Aww man. I thought this meant Oregon Trail was gonna get a remake/remaster. So disappointed.

Relientk771149d ago

I would so be up for that