Smite and Tribes: Ascend Devs Unveil New Game Called "Paladins"

Hi-Rez Studios, makers of the action MOBA SMITE, today revealed Paladins, their newest free-to-play game under development for the PC and current-generation consoles.

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generalwinter1143d ago

Wow it looks really nice visually

MRBIGCAT1143d ago

The Paladins website does make it look promising.

GrapesOfRaf1143d ago

Looks cool, but I'm personally getting tired of new MOBAs coming out.

Kitsunami1143d ago

Alternate title: Hi-Rez Studio's prepares to abandon smite and focus on its new pretty.

Word of warning: Hi-Rez have a record for abandoning titles. Both Global Agenda and Tribes Ascend have been left to rot by the studio.

AnotherProGamer1142d ago

Hi-Rez will not abandon Smite, the only reason they abandoned Tribes is cause it wasn't popular and was losing lots of players

Smite is very popular and makes them a lot of money to just abandon it