Metal Gear Online Delayed on consoles and PC

* METAL GEAR ONLINE will launch on 6th Oct 2015 (Tue) PST.
* METAL GEAR ONLINE PC(Steam®) will launch on January 2016.

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ArchangelMike1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Dear Konami,

Now that you have disbanded Kojima Productions, can you please reassure the fans that you will continue to support Metal Gear Solid V, and specifically Metal Gear Online 3 - with any required updates and patches long into the life cycle of the game, and particularly - the life cycle of it's online community.

Yours Sincerely,

A very concerned fan.

STK0261054d ago

Konami is probably looking to fold its entire non-mobile game development division. My guess is that the servers will be kept online for as long as there's a sizable online community. Balance and bugs patches shouldn't be an issue, but I'm more worried about content patches. Either there will be none after a very short time, or worse, they'll sell them piece by piece like DLCs in a freemium game.

Hopefully I'm wrong, as I hope MGO3 gets a long life, but at the very least, the SP looks fantastic.

scark921055d ago

As long as it comes! I do not mind since I will be playing Single Player!

-Lawless-1054d ago

Surprisingly I don't really care, I didn't see myself playing single player and multiplayer simultaneously either way. I can wait till October...the wait for PC is ridiculous though.

jonboi241054d ago

If it's going to be delayed for a month then just release a version without it and drop the price. I'll get that instead.

Rattlehead201054d ago

So basically just delayed?

No point writing "on consoles and PC" as they are all it's coming out for.

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