The Risks of Modern Games Development

Long gone are the days where any geeky bedroom techy could programme a game within days and ship some tapes to their local store. With budgets exceeding Hollywood and the development phase enduring upwards of two years, publishers need to be certain that they make sufficient profit to keep themselves afloat in the choppy waters of 21st century video game production.

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iMad3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

But it will make zero profit because it costs OMG how much money to produce and looks boring i.e = only 2-4 million sales in max = 2-4*$30 = 60-120 million in earnings while they allready spend $100 mill at the begining of 2008 = zero profit for Sony and guriella.

Gears2 costs only 20 millions to produce with only 30-40 man involved and will recieve about 7-10 million sales = 7-10 mil*30$(developer gets only 50% from $60 you pay)=210-300 millions dollars in earnings for Epic alone in just 2 years. that is real deal for a developer.

So that is why 80% of all developers presented on XBOX360 this gen and Sony lost many 3th party exlusives.

And that is why today it is better to be 3th party developer to make money = all profit is yours, not your mother company.