Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain PC Requirements Revealed

Seems to be CPU bound game.

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Fatmanp1145d ago

As long as it runs like GZ I am sold.

Gatsu1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

GZ runs really well for me, but my Graphics card isn't quite at the Recommended level for TPP. But still I think TPP will work just fine for me, as pretty good in other stats :).

Dynasty20211145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Release date changed to September 1st as well!

"After our PC launch of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, back in December, many players have asked us to separate the graphics options and allow for greater control over depth of field and other graphic settings. We’ve listened to this feedback and are implementing separate settings for a variety of the controls related to graphics. This will be implemented for in-game activity, but I’m afraid we can’t change setting differences for cutscenes.

For our Steam community, we can confirm the creation of Steam Trading Card support when playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Finally we’d like to mention that full support for custom soundtracks via MP3 on your PC is planned for implementation."

We also get Ground Zeroes for free.

Haha, only an IDIOT would get this on consoles.

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2pacalypsenow1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

the only place to experience the full MGS saga is on Playstation , there I can do it too :-)

jdubrady1144d ago

....and Xbox one, Xbox 360, and PC. Yes, Playstation (PS3 and PS4) will work as well.

2pacalypsenow1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

@jubrady you can only play MGS4 on PS3

PaleMoonDeath1144d ago

Would be pretty weird playing a MGS game on any other machine, imagine playing Halo with a Dualshock 4.. something pretty weird there right?

Benjammin251144d ago

@jdubrady MGS 1 and 4 are only on Playstation. And how many Metal Gear Solid games were released on PC? Face it, every true MGS fan is going to be playing this on PS4.

UltraNova1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

I've been switching back and forth between Dark Souls and MGS4 for the last week in anticipation of MGS5 something dear jdubrady you cant do with either an xbox or pc.

Mehmeh1144d ago


Every true MGS fan will be playing the next game in the franchise (MGSFP), regardless of which system he/she prefers to play it on. In my eyes it doesnt make a person a any more true MGS fan playing it on PS rather than any other system.

awi59511144d ago

The series started on nintendo young one.

Pixelart1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

The first Metal Gear was on Nintendo noob. Nice try attempting to glorify your choice of platform


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Agrim1145d ago

Uhhmm... or someone who doesnt hace a powerful enough pc maybe?

TXIDarkAvenger1145d ago

huh, didn't know it would get released sooner with the rest of the consoles. That's pretty awesome to hear.

SouljAx3601144d ago

The people who get this on console probably just own a console and not a PC. Doesn't make them an idiot. Unless they're one of those fanboys on here...

Meryl1144d ago

Yeah because all games work great on PC, here's looking at you Batman.

TonyPT1144d ago

If you compare it with consoles, it runs most cross platform games better yes.

Not sure why people like you write such dumb comments.

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Rookie_Monster1145d ago

Can't wait to play this on my beast..aka PC!

ONESHOTV21145d ago

finally a game that does not require a GTX 980 to max it

ONESHOTV21145d ago

whats the disagrees for all i'm saying is that i didn't upgrade my pc to a 980. most of the games that coming out now require a 970 or 98 to max that all

Vegamyster1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Maxing games out at 1080p 60 fps really isn't that hard, it's only a select few that need the extra kick and that's only if you want 60+ fps.

AlphaKennyOne1144d ago

The game is free to people who pick up a 970 right now. That's how I picked up a code and I can't wait to run this game at max graphics.

ONESHOTV21144d ago

yeah i will see around winter i'm working 2 jobs so i have no time but winter is a bit slow for me so i will see if i can spoil my self lol.