The 10 Worst Traits of a Nintendo-Made Game

Nintendo has a lot of things in their games that just don't make any sense. Not just eating shrooms to get "big", oh no. There are worse things in their games that many people simply ignore, like mass animal slaughtering, spontaneously combusting bosses, and characters created simply to mock the impaired. SlapStic takes a closer look.

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NathanGra3496d ago

That was perfect and oh-so-true.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3496d ago

The most true point was when he said that Bowser has no real reason to kidnap the princess, its true, why does he kidnap her even?

TruthbeTold3496d ago only makes sense to assume the source of his kids. It's horrible and all, but it appears he does have a reason for kidnapping her. :p

Panthers3496d ago

LOL. Ya the part about no story is so true.

Silogon3496d ago

Nothing new; Nintendo has skated by all the critics for years. They are the only company who can copy and half ass a game and expect praise and perfect 10's across the board.

Oh, wait, I'm sorry. Rockstar's on line 2.

Fox013496d ago

Seriously, you should have more bubbles. I'm really enjoying your comments so far; they're very accurate and unbiased.

Merovee3496d ago

.....So much of the code for that game was copy-pasted that it was more reminiscent of a Kotaku article than a game.


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The story is too old to be commented.