Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Gameplay Tease

Tease for Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron mode as revealed by EA Star Wars! The mode reveal will take place August 5th around 10AM CET time.

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testo6937d ago

EPIC.... :)
It’s A Good Time To Be A Star Wars Fan

SpaceRanger937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

I am in awe of how awesome this game is going to be!!

Good luck to the other FPS games releasing around this time. This game franchise is WAY bigger than any other FPS coming out. It's going to steal and make thunder this holiday! This game and the movie.

alexg587937d ago

I'm soooo ready for this. You all better be too :-)

PSIN4MANT937d ago

Air superiority in star wars.........yes please.

Izalith937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

Omg. I want this game so badly now. You can do things by yourself in mission mode and co-op and just hop on multiplayer against many opponents. You can play what you want, I for sure gonna play all modes both online or co-op (mission mode)!

jv1991937d ago

Looks great but i already have a big list of games around the same time. Mabye at a later point i buy this

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