Game Informer | 'Rare Replay' Review


Rare occupies an important place in gaming history, but the quality of the studio’s output has been spotty in recent years. Work on Xbox 360’s avatars and games like Kinect Sports make it easy to forget why Microsoft bought the legendary developer in 2002. Rare Replay serves as a reminder of what the studio once was, and inspires optimism for its future.

Rare Replay does not cover all of the company’s games, but it does a good job picking the ones remembered most fondly by fans. The studio has been around for 30 years, and has released more than 100 games in that time. Minus the games using Nintendo’s characters (who would never appear on a non-Nintendo console) the 30 that made the cut are close to the developer’s best.

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Rookie_Monster839d ago

Can't wait for tomorrow! Great scores and rewiew.

GearSkiN839d ago

is the conker the n64 version or the xbox og version?

Sonyslave3839d ago

It the N64 version it have the classic Heist and other multiplayer mode /^-^/