No headset with Warhawk 'GH' ; headset bundle lowered

Kim Nguyen, SCEA Marketing Manager, has revealed on the Playstation.Blog that Warhawk, now part of the "Greatest Hits" , will not come with a headset. When replying to user Babybludedb, Kim stated:

"The Greatest Hits Warhawk will not come with a headset. The $29.99 price only includes the game. However, we are lowering the price of the game bundled with the headset to $49.99 and you should see that price change shortly if not already at your local retailer."

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thor3673d ago

Kind of a useless offer then. Is that what it costs online? I bought the disk version originally because it meant I could have multiple accounts but that's been allowed now. I don't use the headset, I use my PSEye whenever I want to talk. Headset was useless (not to mention that warhawk voice chat only works about 20% of the time for me, the other 80% I can hear other people talking to each other but to me it sounds like garbled noise).

Lifendz3673d ago

and if it weren't for school starting in less than 2 weeks, I'd pick up Warhawk right now.

Ben10543673d ago

$29.99 on the American ps store, it also has a red boarder around it showing its a greatest hits title

killer_trap3673d ago

and i thought my headset was not compatible with the game. turns out the VIOP in the game is crappy. the game itself is fun though, 230 hours and i'm still playing it!!!!!!

El_Colombiano3673d ago

Sweet, bundled price rocks. Great online game + great headset! Awesome.

PSWe603673d ago

the head set with that game much.
That's why i got the MGS 4 head set, much better.

Panthers3673d ago

Really? I have heard nothing but bad things about the MGS4 headset. I will wait for the Socom headset.

Mr PS33673d ago

People dont get an Eye Toy
Save's a lot of Hassle
Plus it's a nice piece of Kit

PirateThom3673d ago

Damn you, Sony!


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The story is too old to be commented.