Every RareReplay game reviewed!

Get the inside scoop on all 30 RareReplay titles to see if this classic compilation is worth your bucks!

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Trekster_Gamer1147d ago

Would rather see a review than a review score...

Angeljuice1147d ago

How can he write 30 reviews when he hasn't played most of the games?

This article just lists either metacritic scores or average reviews (for titles that predate metacritic).

The list of Commodore era games is pretty cool, don't care much after that.

3-4-51147d ago

uh what?

These games are old.

Somebody could have already played these games over the past 20 years and easily came up with scores for it.

I've played most of those games....all but 4. It's easy to see how somebody reviewing could have as well.

Angeljuice1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

He states that he hasn't played them. You are correct that somebody has played all these games over the past 30 years (don't know where you got 20 from), thats why he has used those peoples review scores. What's the problem with that?

Also why would he want to do 30 reviews for a single product? How much time effort and column inches should this review take up?

The article is just debating the relevant merits of the title as a whole based on individual review scores.