Gator Claw PS4 Wired Controller gets new details and images

Some details and images have been listed for the upcoming Gator Claw PS4 Wired Controller.

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Erik73571149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Analog layout is good but everything else about this controller looks like crap.

Needs the playstation buttons

baryonyx1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

The reason why Microsoft went with this layout is because Sony owns the rights for the Analog layout on the DS controller, so everyone else is picking a different design to avoid lawsuit.

Microsoft decided to switch places with the D-pad and the left analog stick.

Nintendo decided to place both analog sticks at the top.

DS1 was the first controller with 2 analog sticks.
It is basically the father of modern controllers.
8 command buttons, 2 analog sticks, 4 directional buttons and every controller since have had the same amount of buttons except different layouts due for copy-rights.

Both Nintendo pro controller and the Ds-controllers still got symmetrical analog-sticks.
Microsoft do not.

fr0sty1149d ago

I prefer mine where my thumbs naturally rest, and symmetrical, just like my hands.

Erik73571149d ago

Well it feels better....

subtenko1149d ago

No it needs to be a PS4 controller....this is some stranger danger sht right here.....stay away!!!

ThunderPulse1148d ago

@subtenko Danger zone much......

Unspoken1148d ago

PS4 might be worth it with this controller. Always hated the dual shock. The controller was clunky and never fit perfectly in my hands as the 360 controller or XB1 did.

Microsoft certainly evolved their controller into one of best as award after award has shown. The Elite will be the one to beat.

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3-4-51148d ago

* The REASON that Analogs work better like the XB1 controller is because your doing different movements with your Left & Right thumbs.

* The the off-center analogs, it's easier to aim a gun in FPS with the right analog where it's places on the XB1/360 controller.

Your doing different movement to aim than you are while moving your character around.

Both work well, but it's more of a comfort thing for certain people.

Sony fans have had years to adapt and get used to it.

Kingdomcome2471149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

A third party controller that actually has the touch pad, and light bar. It's not just the analog sticks that resemble the Xbox One pad. The entire thing looks more like the Xbox One controller, aside from the touch pad and light bar. Interesting.

ChronoJoe1149d ago

I agree it's interesting, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. So many of these third party controllers look alright on paper but feel like crap when you get your hands on them.

The analogue sticks in particular are often especially bad with elusively high deadzones that really kill any potential for high accuracy.

WitWolfy1149d ago

I love the Xbox one controller. Even bought a Cronusmax just to hook it up to my PS4... I might be the only one here, but the quality of the buttons and and the remote itself just feels higher than the PS4 remotes' IMO.

fulnattybrah1149d ago

lmao... xbox clone joystick should be the name of this thing

Maxor1149d ago

This thing would sell by the truck loads if it's wireless and doesn't have those idiotic face buttons.

Bathyj1149d ago

I mean whats up with that? If it were a controller that was for PS4 AND PC then yeah, maybe, but it clearly says its for PS4. Wheres the iconic Playstation buttons?

bananaboats1149d ago

People love that xbox controller

Bathyj1149d ago (Edited 1149d ago )

Im sure some do, but Im also sure some dont.

warczar1149d ago

And I can't for the life of me figure out why.

HammadTheBeast1148d ago

If you're not used to the PS controller, the Xbox one is a bit more comfortable, the placement of the sticks feels better for shooters as well.

lipton1011148d ago

I think the DS4 was an enormous improvement vs ds3. If I had to choose between ds3 and Xbox controller - Xbox all the way. DS4 is a different animal though. It's an improvement in every way and feels so natural. I think I'll be sticking with my stock DS4. An improvement even over the xbox's great setup.

ChronoJoe1149d ago

I think that perception has changed a lot with this generation. The DS4 is really nice, while the XBOX ONE controller while still nice, isn't quite as egonomically pleasant for some, as the 360 controller.

Having four of both, I prefer the PS4 controller . Everything is perfect on both controllers but the bumpers feel awkward to press on XBOX ONE for me.

KiwiViper851148d ago

I learnt within 2 minutes that the bumpers are designed to be pressed by rolling your finger towards it, without the need to take your finger off the trigger.

Try it out... Your welcome.

lipton1011148d ago

360 controller > DS3. DS4 > 360 controller. I having used the xbox one controller yet so I really can't make an apt comparison. All I know is that I hated the PS3 DS3 controller as it would cramp my large hands.

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