Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Gameplay Teaser Trailer Released

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst just got a new teaser gameplay trailer that was released on the game’s twitter account. Just a few seconds, we can see how gorgeous the game looks. A full gameplay trailer is expected to be released at or around Gamescom 2015.

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diesoft1026d ago

This game looks incredible. Can't wait for this one. First one was underrated gem.

mushroomwig1026d ago

Underrated? The first game received 81 on metacritic, most critics and gamers enjoyed it. I don't think underrated is the right word.

SolidGear31026d ago

I think he meant the first didn't have much mainstream success or sales like it should've.

diesoft1026d ago

Okay, underappreciated, then, mr. technical.

Fullmetalevolust1026d ago

man, I love this game franchise and I'm glad a sequel is in the works.

Jerry Seinfeld1026d ago

Damn it! I want more. Looks great though.

Sketchy_Galore1026d ago

I really hope most of the game keeps the clean dazzling bright primary colours look of the original. I'm worried it's going to go more Deus Ex HR, which is still a nice look but a bit more of a generic sleek futuristic thing with everything looking a bit too busy and detailed. I loved the stark simplicity of the first game's style. This still looks like it could be either of those styles to me. I hope we see more soon.

SolidGear31026d ago

Amazing. Can't wait to see more!!!

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