41 Amazing Things About No Man’s Sky

IGN states, "We’ve been thinking, though, that No Man’s Sky is pretty good at hiding its secrets, and that there there are some facts about the game that might not be so obvious — facts that help it all make sense, and come alive. So we’ve put together a list of 41 things about the game that you might not realize."

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ArchangelMike1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

It has been asked numerous times before, without a coherent answer, but I'll ask again - can I discover a planet, upload it, and then get my mate to meet me at the planet?

For an online multiplayer game, it seem crazy that you can't get a group of friends and explore-conquer-defend the darkest parts of the universe together! This would be the best form of emergent gameplay that you could hope for. Please make it so.

thorstein1147d ago

Yes/ No. But because your assumption is off.

You discover something you "upload" it to the atlas.

From the article: "The Atlas is everything everyone has ever discovered. The No Man’s Sky symbol stands for the database of all the things that players have discovered and chosen to share with the world. It’s perhaps the most important thing in the universe, and will contain findings that even we have no idea about."

So a more refined question might be, can I locate something my friend found? (I think you can since you can name the planet.)

You'll have party chat, so is it possible to meet up? That I wouldn't know.

The game can be played SP.

I wouldn't characterize this as an MMO...because it isn't.

ArchangelMike1147d ago

You are assuming that you can't search for a planet that you have discovered once you leave said planet. I remember Sean sayign that you can revisit planets you've discovered. But how would you find it again after exploring half the galaxy?

Unless ofcourse there some sort of search feature for discovered planets.

Surely you can also use the Atlas to search for planets discovered by other people - my firends for example. It's only a small step to then warp to the planet my friend has just discovered. No?

Irishguy951147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Yesm you can meet with your freinds, watch some interviews its been stated many times

Its NOT an mmo because they gameplay doesn't focus on the multiplayer aspect. However for all intents and purporses, this IS an mmo.

The devs state time and time again the reason they won't call it one is because they don't want to focus on the multiplayer aspect because the universe is so big that you'll never run across someone only randomly. Even when meeting up with someone you have to search the planet you meet up on to find each other. Thats 1 planet out of 'practically' infinite.

As for why they don't have a system arch, I don't know. They don't want that experience it seems. They also built there engine for no more than 3-4 players near each other at once because of the unlikely chance people will bump into each other. But well, they don't know gamers XD. I'm better 100s will plan to meet on one planet. And will crash it. Its just what happens when gamers are given freedom.

Rimeskeem1147d ago

I bet there will be some sort of way to meet friends

Ozmoses1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

most likely that won't happen...

the chances of you meeting another real life person regardless if they are your friend or not is very small.. it's possible but very small

they've made this pretty clear... watch videos with Sean Murray directly talking...

also this game isn't being drummed up as having a massive online experience or community...

it's definitely a single player based space exploration game. yeah there are obviously some online qualities to it.. but it's never been about grouping up with a bunch of people to travel through space and blow shit up..

it's about the solo experience of discovery and traversal thru an endless universe...

ArchangelMike1147d ago

So why connect it online at all? Why not just have a leaderboard or database of all teh discoveries? Why have a shared universe at all, if we can't meet each other? If we can meet each other, even if by chance - then why not have a system that we can just meet up with friends on the planets that they discover?

one2thr1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Everyone has a map, you tell your friend to look in a specific region within a certain "colored-space"(Yes the "space" within No Mans Sky has been confirmed to be different colors, but not sure if its procedurally done)within universe, then tell them to look for a specific galaxy, and within that galaxy look for a specific star system, within that star system you tell them to look for a specific sun, and within that solar system you tell them to look for a specific planet with unique characteristics.

Then there are many things that can prevent them from finding you, such as their warp drive.

Did they upgrade their warp drive enough so that they can jump star system to star system?

Then there is the problem with needing the adequate amount of fuel.

Do they have enough fuel to make said star system jumps?

Then there is the possibility of outside interference during their travels.

Can they evade or escape possible interstellar threats, hostile players, or space battles without exhausting their resources?

Then if they do find you, there is the possibility that they haven't found the necessary upgrades that'll allow them to survive on your planet.

Will they be able to breathe the toxic air or tolerate the harsh environments?

Are you willing to sacrifice hard to find resources, so that your buddy(ies) can survive on that [one] planet that you discovered?

There are other possible interferences that may or may not occur, but I do believe it is possible to meet up with a few friends, or at least make some.

Hopefully there is some sort of proximity chat, more or less similar to how Star Trek is, where you can "Hail frequency", or "Hailing all frequencies" within a solar system.

Aenea1146d ago

What I've heard you will be able to be on the same planet as your friend is currently on and you could meet up... if you can find each other...

I mean, the planets are huge, I heard earth sized, if you both have no maps, no place names, no continent names, etc., etc. how are you going to meet up?

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thorstein1147d ago

The 42nd Amazing Fact will be the release date.